AADOM PODcast – Video Testimonials are Marketing Magic

One of the biggest marketing challenges for dental practices is that it’s become more and more difficult to be unique. Almost every practice is advertising the same few offers, like $1000 off clear aligners or free exams and cleanings, and nothing distinguishes those practices from each other in the marketplace.

The Most Valuable Marketing Tool: Patient Video Testimonials

The way to meet this challenge is to capitalize on the most valuable marketing tool ever created, which is the patient video testimonial. It is the most powerful and the most versatile tool that a practice has available to them. But most practices are not taking full advantage of these videos. And very many practices do not do them at all.

A patient testimonial is powerful because it is real. It is not edited. It is not produced. It is a patient speaking directly to the camera about their appreciation of the treatment they’ve received and the people that work in the practice. This is more persuasive than any other advertising that you can do.

Consumers have been trained to watch videos as their normal behavior and their normal information-gathering process. To not acknowledge this change is to pretend that the future is not already here. It’s been proven that web users will ignore text whenever there is video. This shift has been driven by social media, as well as YouTube. And research shows that visitors retain 95% of the information they gather in a video, while they only retain 10% of text.

The patient video testimonial is also one of the most versatile tools available to a dental practice. It can be used on your website. It can be used on your social media sites and on your YouTube channel. It can be placed in your Google and Yelp profiles. It can be used in social ads and email advertising. And you can inspire your team in morning huddles by showing the videos.

How TruBlu Social Smiles Streamlines the Patient Video Testimonial Process

The challenge comes when a practice decides to implement this and finds that it’s more difficult than they thought to get patients to do videos. And then many practices don’t know what to do with the videos. TruBlu Social Smiles was created to solve these problems. It streamlines the process of requesting videos, and then capitalizes on their full marketing value.

TruBlu Social Smiles is a web app that works on the patient’s phone. There is no need for them to download an app. It simply pops up in whatever browser is on the patient’s phone when they scan a QR code or click on a link that has been texted to them. The patient is then able to identify themselves and record a video, even re-record it if they like, and then share it on their social media.

But, more importantly, the patient has agreed to allow your practice to use the video in all media in perpetuity. In essence, your practice now owns the video. And, in fact, after the patient completes the video, it is automatically uploaded to the cloud where it can be accessed from your practice’s Social Smiles dashboard.

One of the most valuable things that the TruBlu Social Smiles platform does is make it easy to put these videos on your practice website. With a simple code that is placed on your website, you are now able to add and delete videos right from your dashboard, and they will be instantly displayed in a window on your website. There is no need to contact your web designer every time you want to place a new video on your website. You can add and delete videos anytime you want with just a few clicks.

These videos give potential patients who come to your website the opportunity to hear what patients have to say about your practice in the most credible way possible. What’s more, videos also vastly increase your website’s SEO, because Google heavily favors video, and it likes ever changing content. This platform provides both much more easily than any other system.

What’s more, you can have multiple windows of videos on your website. You can have a window for the team members and doctors, and you can also have a window for any type of specialized treatment, from cosmetics to implants to clear aligners. This vastly increases the impact of your website.

Potential patients will naturally gravitate towards these videos and be much more persuaded to make an appointment or contact the practice right then, because they’re identifying with your patients and are hearing a unique message about how your patients appreciate the care they are receiving.

Easily Manage Your Video Testimonials

Your practice has a dashboard where all the videos are stored and easily accessed. That is where you manage all videos displayed on your website. The videos can also be downloaded to be used on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, providing excellent, unique persuasive content on your social media. This solves one of the big problems practices have, which is coming up with consistent social media posts.

There is also a reward system built in so, if you choose to, you can reward the patient for doing the video testimonial, either with a discount on treatment or some type of gift, or even enter them into a drawing or contest.

TruBlu Social Smiles comes with full ongoing support and training. Your practice can get up and running quickly and start gathering videos and then capitalizing on their value. And the software pays for itself with one just high-value patient a year.

Finally, for office managers, who are often tasked with solving all the marketing challenges, this makes it much easier to execute a full marketing plan, because there is content for the website, content for social media and content for advertising and marketing.

Fred Joyal, the CEO of TruBlu Social Smiles, who has more than 30 years in dental practice marketing, says, “This is the latest and most exciting innovation in practice marketing. It attracts patients like your existing patients, and does it simply, easily, and affordably.”

The simple fact is, dental practices need these videos. But, they need a simple way to request and manage them that doesn’t take a lot of effort but still gets the best results. That’s what TruBlu Social Smiles does.

You can learn more and get a demo of the product at TruBluSocialSmiles.com. Mention that you are an AADOM member and get $200 off the initial setup fee.


Many practices are now experiencing a slow-down in production. It’s time to increase your marketing efforts to get ahead of this wave. Patient video testimonials are the most versatile and persuasive marketing tool ever created. Even better, many of the media they can be used on are free. Best of all, they attract patients like your existing patients. TruBlu Social Smiles makes it easy to capitalize on this amazing marketing solution.


AADOM Radio & TruBlue Social Smiles Present:

Fred Joyal-CEO-TruBlue Social Smiles

Learning Objectives:

  • Why patient video testimonials are so impactful
  • Where to use testimonials to maximize their marketing value
  • The team’s responsibility in requesting testimonials
  • What resources can be used to simplify every step of the process

More About Fred:

Fred Joyal is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He co-founded the most successful dentist referral service in the country, 1-800-DENTIST. He is currently the CEO of TruBlu Social Smiles. He has previously written two bestselling books on marketing for the dental industry, Everything is Marketing and Becoming Remarkable. His humble brags are he once beat Sir Richard Branson in chess and was also a question on Jeopardy. He is an avid cyclist, a below-average tennis player, and an even worse golfer.

About TruBlue Social Smiles:

TruBlu Social Smiles is a software platform that streamlines the process of requesting patient video testimonials and then maximizes their use in all your practice marketing. Video testimonials are the most powerful marketing tool ever created, and Social Smiles makes it easy for the patient and the practice to capture their full value.

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