AADOM PODcast-Pretty Useless: Why an Attractive Website isn’t Always Effective


Practices sometimes spend a small fortune to build these beautiful, impressive looking websites but then they can’t figure out why they aren’t bringing in new patients. You’ve seen the types of sites we’re talking about, they look like they were inspired by some of the big brands and tech companies like Apple and the site is heavily focused on aesthetics rather than efficacy. Unfortunately, dental practices don’t have the clout and the recognition that these big brands do, so designing a site similar to theirs doesn’t do anything to help their small business. So how do you balance the desire for an attractive site with the usefulness of an effective site? Relevant because we see this all the time when practices can’t figure out why their websites aren’t attracting/converting NPs


AADOM Radio & Great Dental Websites Present:

Jeff Gladnick Founder/CEO

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to evaluate your own website or create a new one that makes it easy for search engines to find your site and convinces patients to contact your office.

More About Jeff:

Although Jeff comes from a family of 7 dentists, he never received “the calling” and instead became a software engineer. After creating a website for his dad’s clinic, he was approached by other members of his family to create their websites, and eventually founded Great Dental Websites. What started as a family project has evolved into the company it is today, serving over 900 practices worldwide, supported by a team of over 35 employees between our Denver and Sydney offices.

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