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AADOM QUICKcast: How Artificial Intelligence is Benefiting Dental

Video Description:

As Dental grows, technology grows with it. Bola AI CEO Rushi Ganmuhki and Head of Clinical Ops Tina Long walk through how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping to benefit dental practices. Helping with the hiring crunch, increasing case acceptance and more ability to diagnose more comprehensively and easier, AI is the future of Dental – in a good way.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • How AI can affect your practice from an efficiency and revenue standpoint
  • How to bridge the hiring gap we are currently having
  • How to streamline your clinical admin workload
  • How to keep operations moving slowly
  • The state of AI in the dental space
  • The types of practices that can benefit from this technology
  • Where we are at on the adoption curve of this technology

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The Future of Dental Will be Determined by Efficiency

The shortage of clinical staff in the dental industry has been a long-standing issue, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more challenging. Many experienced hygienists and dental assistants have left the profession due to concerns about their safety during the pandemic, while others are choosing to retire early or work fewer hours. At the same time, dental offices are being asked to produce more and more to meet patient demand, which is putting additional strain on their already stretched resources. Many offices have to push diagnosed and accepted treatment 6+ months due to these staffing issues.

The consequences of this staffing shortage are far-reaching. Patients may experience longer wait times for appointments, delayed treatments, or reduced access to care altogether. Dental offices may also struggle to maintain high levels of patient satisfaction and retention rates if they are unable to provide timely care. Furthermore, dental professionals themselves may experience burnout as they try to keep up with an increased workload without adequate support.

Given these challenges, it is clear that innovative solutions are needed to address this staffing shortage in the dental industry. Some possible approaches could include investing in technology and automation to streamline processes and reduce manual labor requirements; offering incentives such as higher pay or flexible schedules to attract and retain qualified staff; or exploring alternative models of care delivery that leverage telehealth or other remote technologies. Ultimately, addressing this issue will require collaboration between industry stakeholders, policymakers, and educators to find sustainable solutions that benefit patients and providers alike.

Bola AI Voice Solution

Bola Voice is here to help! Bola is a voice solution providing real-time, highly accurate (99%) structured voice entry for perio charting and clinical notes (more coming soon!). It’s hard to believe but Bola is a voice system that works – just ask our thousands of happy customers!

Watch video: Voice Clinical Notes on Dentrix Ascend

Happier Staff, Educated Patients, Increased Office Output – The Bola Difference

Within days the first noticeable difference when Bola is setup in an office is that dental assistants are no longer needed to help out in charting, and hygienists are able to chart quicker, freeing up both team members for more important tasks. Hygienists on average save around 3-4 minutes per patient exam.

Patients appreciate the office’s investment in new tech and benefit from hearing perio measurements out loud prompting an educational conversation.

Within weeks hygienists begin charting more frequently and more thoroughly leading 80% more perio-disease related diagnosis and treatment planning.

Within weeks this increased planning results in a 69% increase in SPR treatment.

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Learn about the presenters:

Rushi Ganmuhki’s background is in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, previously working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a researcher in this area. He is passionate about voice technology and how it can improve healthcare outcomes. He lives in Boston with his wife, newborn son and puppy Jasper.


Passionate about patient care and education, Tina Long has been a registered dental hygienist for 15 years. Currently, she works at Bola AI in Customer Success and lives outside of Boston with her husband, adult children, the love of her life, Myles, and a very active Cavachon puppy.



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