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Record Numbers for AADOM What’s that Mean?

AADOM Fellowship Class

Not more than a decade ago, it was the case that the “office manager” although he or she may not have even had that title, was the person who was responsible for managing every minute detail of a dental practice’s success. They were mostly known, though, as the person to seek out when there was a problem. This was an oft-overlooked position in dentistry, as was the importance of it.

Fast forward to 2018.  AADOM has a record number of office managers and practice administrators being inducted into the AADOM Fellowship Program.  Those achieving Fellowship status (FAADOM) have demonstrated a commitment not only to excellence, but a commitment to continuing education within our profession.

“Becoming a Fellow was career changing for me and our profession. It has

brought validation, support, education and accreditation

to the administrative positions in the dental field.”  Teresa Spence, FAADOM

We also have a record number of members who have been nominated for the prestigious AADOM Practice Administrator of the Year Award. Far from being the person sought out “when there was a problem”, dentists and teams are now taking the time to write, from the heart, to AADOM about the importance of their office manager and to let us know how critical they are to the harmony and success of the practice.

The role of office manager within the dental practice is now respected and revered, both inside the practice and within the dental industry at large. The person managing the business of the practice is now given any number of titles, based on the scope of their responsibilities, including Office Manager, Business Manager, Practice Administrator Director of Operations, and CFO, to name but a few.

What does all this mean for dentistry? It means many things. First and foremost, it means that dental teams, as well as practitioners, are recognizing the importance of their practice administrator, who is oftentimes the critical liaison between the team and the doctor. This means that communication can flow better and better decisions regarding the practice and its future success can be made. Dental companies are also recognizing that it is many times the office manager as well as the doctor, who has purchasing power and key decision-making power within the practice and they are now including the office manager in the education of their products and services.

If our all-time records this year for Fellowship induction and Practice Administrator of the Year nominations are any indication, the future is bright for dental office managers and practice administrators!

I look forward to inducting the AADOM Fellows, as well as announcing the 2018 Practice Administrator of the Year at the AADOM Conference this July in San Antonio.


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    Congratulations guys. this was astonishing.

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