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New Technology for Dental Office Managers to Grow, Connect, and Thrive

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If you’ve ever struggled with hiring the right people, inspiring your team to perform at the highest levels, or influencing patients to take appropriate action for their own benefit, it’s a very good time to be a dental professional!


There’s an exciting new opportunity for dental professionals to build stronger teams, make fewer relationship and hiring mistakes, become better leaders, and achieve higher levels of success and fulfillment.

What is this new technology for dental office managers?

Read on to learn what it is and why you should use it!

Human-Focused Technology

“Human-Focused Technology” (HFT) is a game-changer that’s destined to become standard operating practice for dental practice managers

Here it is in a nutshell:

1. The behavior of every human being is influenced by innate forces that can reveal themselves through simple testing or even just informed awareness. Understanding the core motivators and behavior styles of yourself, your teams, and the people you serve can open up amazing opportunities that would otherwise be wasted.

2. Traditional hiring and training consists of reading dry (and usually over-hyped) resumès and relying on a couple of superficial conversations to determine the appropriateness of a candidate for a position in your practice. But without knowing why they do what they do at the highest level and how they interact with other human beings, it’s impossible to determine the likelihood of their success in their new role.

3. The good news is that with a couple of simple and inexpensive online computerized assessments that determine behavioral styles (how they do what they do) and core motivators (why they do what they do), you can gain insight into the real person underneath the mask, ensuring that you hire the right person to begin with, instead of having to rely on trial and error.

4. HFT is not just for prospective hires. Knowing the behavioral styles and motivators of your existing team members will open your eyes to challenges and opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. You’ll be able to speak their motivational language and inspire them based on who they really are, not just who you think they should be.

5. Once you understand and appreciate the importance of these subconscious forces, you and your team can even start to apply them to your patient (and especially prospective patient) relationships. Even without formal assessments, there are subtle questions and observations that can help you determine what approach will best influence them to take action that’s in their own best interests.

Just as you diagnose, measure, and assess their physiology, you can assess their psychology and create a stronger, more impactful relationship. In many cases, this advantage will be the determining factor that leads to them becoming your patients in the first place.

6. Perhaps the most significant benefit of HFT is helping you understand yourself. You’re not just a dental professional, but an inspirational leader. Knowing better what’s going on behind the scenes of your own psyche will help you inspire, educate, and connect at the highest possible levels—and that will lead to better outcomes for everyone.

Applying this new technology for dental office managers in your practice could create the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. The result will be greater wealth, less stress, and higher levels of contribution for you and your team.



Meet the AuthorProfile photo of author Bruce Hurley

Bruce Hurley is an internationally recognized authority on team optimization, outreach, leadership, ethical influence, and lifestyle achievement for the dental profession.

Bruce has been an entrepreneur continuously since the age of 10 and his work as a consultant to hundreds of businesses over 34+ years has earned him the title of “America’s Business Adviser.”

Bruce co-founded www.MindfluenceRevolution.comOpens in the Mindfluence Revolution website to guide dentists and their teams to unleash their full potential and achieve their dream outcomes.



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    Wow-I am excited to learn more about Human-Focused Technology. We have always had a great team at my practice, but there is always room for improvement. Also, I feel like my relationships with patients could go from good to great with this new approach. I will be on the lookout for more information.

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