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The Contra Costa, CA Chapter Gets Invited to “ALL ON X”

Contra Costa CA Chapter AADOM

Submitted by Katrece Raine, Contra Costa, CA Chapter Social Media Director


On June 24th and 25th, The Contra Costa, CA AADOM Chapter was invited to the local Centurion Dental Practi(CE)nter’s “ALL ON X” course from 8 – 5pm.This two-day course was designed to discuss the surgical and prosthetic principles and how to treatment plan these complex cases. It was a pleasure to represent our chapter in two different locations.

We set up a PROMO table in their conference center and also a table in their surgical training room. This “Sold Out” course provided us an opportunity to connect and engage with the doctors in attendance and tell them personally how having their team, as a part of AADOM, can benefit their practice, their patients and their entire teams. We received several inquiries from the attending doctors and our board members will be following up with each one of them in the upcoming week. Not only was it a great opportunity to network with the doctors but we also uncovered potential sponsorship for our Chapter from the attending vendors. It was an amazing turn out and we are very thankful to have been invited.




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