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The Denver, CO Chapter Learns the Importance of Self-Care

Submitted by Nicole Hartshorn, MAADOM, Denver, CO Chapter President

On December 2nd, the Denver, CO AADOM Chapter hosted Kara Schmitt with Rocky Mtn Center for Positive Change to talk with our tribe about self-care. Most of us have seen an increase in stress levels over last few years.

During our meeting Kara provided our members with ways they could uplift their teams and manage their ever-increasing stress levels. An important thing she pointed out to us is how can we properly care for others if we have not properly cared for ourselves to be the best version of ourselves we can be. As office managers we tend to put everyone else first, but we need to remember to practice excellent self-care in order to put our best foot forward.

Our meeting was sponsored by Agency of Credit Control and our dinner was provided by Delta Dental of Colorado




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