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Treasure Your AADOM Tribe – How to Find Support and Resilience in Difficult Times

Downloadable August 2020 calendar to remind you to treasure your AADOM tribe.

There are many definitions of a family, but I found one that really resonated with me.

Members of a family share a commitment, and their relationships are a high priority.

They let others in their family know that they are appreciated.

They talk to each other about big issues as well as small issues.

They encourage each other.

They create time to be together, and they are able to cope with stress and difficulties together – they are resilient.

To me, this is a perfect description of the AADOM Tribe.

Treasure your AADOM tribe

To say that these last five months have been challenging for us all is an understatement.

But the one thing I have witnessed about AADOM is that there is a deep commitment to being there for each other.

An example of that is when your Leadership Team created #AADOMCARES to help you tackle these challenges, provide you with the resources to answer your questions, and encourage you through this difficult time.

Your AADOM Team provided support every step of the way.

That sounds like a strong family to me!

How AADOM has supported my journey

On a personal note, I will be retiring from AADOM on July 31 to spend more time with my family.

On the same day, my husband will be retiring after more than 40 years as a newspaper editor, so we will have more time to be with our family.

We are blessed with three sons, two daughters-in-law, and three sweet granddaughters.

Being a Nana is one of my greatest gifts.

Group portrait of wedding of Bryan and Jen, who are part of the author's family.

I especially want to thank the AADOM Team and all of you for your support, friendship, and the opportunity to assist you for the last three and a half years.

Remember that each time you gather, whether at a chapter meeting…Opens in a new window to AADOM Chapters website…, on an AADOM Live webcast, at an annual Conference, or attending an AADOM educational course where you enrich your dental and managerial knowledge, you are joining together as a family.

Treasure your AADOM Tribe!


–Lori Dobrik

Portrait of Author, Lori Dobrik, and her son Bryan at his wedding.

3 comments on “Treasure Your AADOM Tribe – How to Find Support and Resilience in Difficult Times”
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    I want to thank you so very much for all you have done for AADOM. What a wonderful AADOM representative!!!! I wish you nothing but happiness and love in your retirement! Enjoy your family and your grand babies!!! Being a NaNa is so special!!!! I know because I am one too!!! Good luck and thank you for being such great tribe leader!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Avatar

    Lori, Wishing you sweet days in your retirement making beautiful memories with your family. Thank you for being a part of the AADOM family these past few years and for all that you have contributed. It has been a joy working with you.

  3. Avatar

    What a wonderful message to share and Congratulations on your retirement! You have a beautiful family.

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