The Importance of Valuing Your Dental Team

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As a human, feeling valued is what keeps us going.

What is the point of working harder if the people we work for don’t appreciate the value we bring to their practice?

Individuals and teams can benefit from being shown appreciation by their boss and one another. Many have a deep-seated thought that they are replaceable, but it’s not hard to change that.

Letting your team know they are needed is vital. The more valued they feel, the more motivated they will be.

A survey from the American Psychological Association found that feeling valued at work was linked to better physical and mental health and higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, and motivation.

The best ways to show your dental team that they are valued are to challenge, reward, and thank them.

Breaking the cycle

Time and time again, employees will find themselves in a rut with the same task day after day.

While they may be great at what they do, appreciation often goes unnoticed or overlooked.

Challenging someone with a new task is a great way to show them they are ready for new responsibility and that you trust they can learn even more.

Adding a new responsibility is a great way to get someone thinking and stimulate their brain; it keeps the job exciting and lets them know there is always room to grow.

When people want more, they will look elsewhere for it, such as a new job.

Rewarding good work

Rewarding your team or an individual is a sure way to make them feel seen and appreciated.

A reward can be simple as buying lunch or even a team outing. Not only will there be an immense amount of appreciation, but it also gets the team together and better know each other.

Rewarding an employee can help the individual build self-esteem and bring even more team value.

This step may build self-esteem for the employee in the office, but it can also contribute to a better at-home life.

Most of us try our best to leave work at the practice, but we sometimes bring our bad days home. On the days we are rewarded or receive gratitude, it makes a hard day worthwhile.

Another tactic to make a team member feel their worth is to tell them; all you have to do is say “thank you” or let them know the work they did was amazing.

Appreciation is never a one-way street; you will more than likely receive it back if you are showing it. It’s a win-win.

While some good deeds go unnoticed, not all of them should. Take the time to show your team or an individual at your practice that you are thankful for them and show them they are a crucial part of the team.

When employees feel recognized, they are more likely to trust you and stick around. A U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics report indicated that employees often felt either a lack of respect or a lack of autonomy.

It is much harder to find and train someone new than to keep someone happy and knows their job!


Meet the Author

Claudia Paye, DAADOMClaudia Paye, DAADOM is a lifetime AADOM member. In 2016, she was awarded the Henry Schein Green Leader Award, and in 2017, she was named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry.

Claudia is also a recipient of the AADOM Office Manager of Distinction award. She is a former president of the New York, NY AADOM Chapter and is now a proud board member of the Northeast Florida AADOM Chapter. Claudia received her AADOM Fellowship, (FAADOM) in 2014 and in 2020 earned her AADOM Mastership (MAADOM).

Most recently, Claudia was inducted into AADOM’s first class of Diplomates, (DAADOM), in 2021.

For over twenty years, she has prided herself on amazing service to her patients and the surrounding communities. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, running Disney marathons, and listening to country music. She is also a proud mother to four and a new grandmother.


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