What the Heck is an AADOM?

We know AADOM is so wonderful, it always throws us for a loop when we come across someone who asks “What the heck is an AADOM”? (I know, crazy, right?).

Well, if you’re one of those people who somehow doesn’t know what in the heck an AADOM is, let me tell you. AADOM is the American Association of Dental Office Management. AADOM is a tribe, a community, a home just for you – the unsung hero of your practice. AADOM is a professional organization dedicated to serving dental office managers and dental practice administrators by providing education, resources and tools to make your lives easier and your practices more successful.

Here, let me give you a visual:

A Dental Office Manager before AADOM:


Now take a look at a Dental Office Manager AFTER AADOM:


You get the idea. WOW, you wonder. How can AADOM do all this for me? EASY! AADOM has spent the last decade building a home for all of the tools, education, and resources YOU need to excel as a dental practice administrator.  Just take a peak at how we can help HERE. 

Our commitment as AADOM is to you, first and foremost. Not the dentist, not the hygienist, not the assistant but you, the dental office manager, the person responsible for keeping your team happy, your patients healthy and your practice successful.

Our community of over 4,000 members across North America is vibrant! We are here for you.  We hope you will join us.


Heather Colicchio
AADOM Founder & President

2 comments on “What the Heck is an AADOM?”
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    I would love to be a part of this organization, but i dont have the funds to pay for myself at this time. Do you have discount option for those interested in sponsoring themselves?

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      Kim McQueen

      Hi Beth, Our Membership Services team reach out to you directly with some options. Have a great day!

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