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9 Reasons Why You Should Attend the AADOM Conference

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“What is the national AADOM Conference?”

Well, let me tell you what you are missing out on if you don’t attend!

This is a meeting of hundreds of dental office managers in one place with lots of energy!

You feel the eagerness of wanting to learn and make your office better. The energy you bring back to the office is amazing!

Here are nine reasons why you should attend the national AADOM Conference in September… This text opens a new tab to the conference website….

1. Keynote speaker

AADOM’s opening guest speaker who kicks off the conference.

The energy the keynote brings is always amazing, inspiring, and entertaining.

2. Educational speakers

Some of the most amazing speakers that you can imagine.

There are so many topics covered throughout the conference in the educational sessions; you won’t have trouble finding sessions that relate to the challenges you’re facing.

3. Designation induction ceremony

There are three distinctions recognized by AADOM:

Each designation holds specific requirements to be completed and become eligible for induction.

I’m proud to have completed personal accomplishments of being inducted as an AADOM Fellow and in 2020 inducted as a MAADOM.

4. Practice Administrator of the Year

This is another great honor, being nominated for Practice Administrator of the Year.

Candidates nominated for this award are in an elite group of dental office managers and are recognized for both hard work and dedication to their practices.

This award is presented during the conference each year, along with the runners-up, the Practice Administrators of Distinction.

5. Green Leader

The Green Leader Award is another wonderful award presented at the conference each year.

The winner of this award is recognized for adopting greener practices within their dental practice.

All nominees are recognized for their commitment to bettering their environment through changes at the practice level. It’s great to talk with these practices about ideas you can bring home to contribute to a healthier environment for everyone.

6. Exhibitors

There are over 100 sponsors and exhibitors on hand to showcase products and services. These great companies are eager to help office managers find the right solutions to help with the challenges the practice faces.

7. Roundtable discussions

These sessions (some planned and some that just occur organically) are available throughout the conference and provide the opportunity to network with your peers.

You get a lot of feedback and practical advice.

You can always find someone who can help with your questions.

8. Local chapters leaders & members

Leaders and members of the AADOM local chapters are always on hand.

Each chapter provides information about their local group, and they are on hand to answer questions.

These local chapters receive the same benefits as national members. However, they hold local meetings throughout the year in their communities.

You can meet chapter members in your area at the conference and return home knowing you’ve got another local network of support. What a great benefit!

9. AADOM Tribe

My favorite part of the conference is all the AADOM members you meet. It is a wonderful support group to communicate with all year long.

I always find a peer who is or has gone through challenges I may be facing, and they are always open to sharing advice and support!

The friendships I’ve built within my AADOM Tribe I’m confident will last a lifetime!

Attending the AADOM Conference is an investment for your doctor and for your practice.

The knowledge you bring back will make a huge impact on your team and business as a whole.

I encourage you to convince your doctor that sending you to the national AADOM Conference will be one of the best decisions they make.

I look forward to seeing you in September in Orlando, FL!

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Meet the Author

Denise CoyneDenise Coyne has over 30 years of dental office experience. She received her dental assisting degree from Blackhawk College in 1989, her FAADOM in 2019, and MAADOM in 2020.

She has been married to her husband Curt (an avid farmer) for 30 years. They’re parents to two grown children, Kelsey and Dayton, plus two German Shepherds, Izzy and Bryzzo.


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