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3 Reasons Why AADOM Is Important to Dentists

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AADOM is the epitome of drive, enthusiasm, and success, all woven into one organization.

The AADOM team is there 100% of the time to help, guide, and provide amazing support to dental teams.

If you hire someone who is an AADOM member, you will want to keep them.

Members of AADOM have qualities of being loyal, highly educated, and positive leadership skills. That is the kind of leader that nurtures growth and success within a practice.

Employing an AADOM member is like a Robin to your Batman. What Dentist doesn’t want a thriving practice and a great leadership environment for their team? Not to mention an educational support system for themselves as a provider.

Why is AADOM important to dentists?

Here are three reasons why you should look for “AADOM” on the resume when you’re hiring.

1. Leadership skills

The AADOM members I’ve met at conferences and local chapter meetings are truly inspirational men and women.

They lead with positivity, working to create a healthy and inspirational environment that develops growth – the kind of manager that helps you create a successful business.

Hiring people who know how to do their job and allowing them to do it is key.

Being a part of AADOM means your office manager will have a tribe behind them for support. We all genuinely want success for our AADOM colleagues.

AADOM is filled with amazing leaders who not only help with office development but also know how to give back to their community.

2. Educational development

AADOM members are about constant education in dental office management. AADOM helps enhance, update, and educate dental managers on their skills.

You will never meet a member that hasn’t taken annual professional development courses. These men and women are prepared for constant change, be it related to infection control, OSHA, dental coding, or HIPAA (just to name a few.)

AADOM has different levels of higher learner recognitions, including FAADOM, MAADOM, and DAADOM (Fellow, Master, and Diplomate, respectively.)

Education is key and the only way to prepare the whole team for success. AADOM is the one conference an office manager should be sure to attend… This text opens a new tab to the AADOM conference website….

3. Success

With the leadership skills and educational development available through AADOM, dental office managers are led to success.

Success isn’t always knowing everything, but rather always knowing where to go when you need help. In AADOM they call it a “tribe.” AADOM’s tribe provides a way to get the answers you need.

If you want a positive environment with a great leader who can get you through the roller coaster of dentistry, then find an AADOM member and hire them. They will be loyal, supportive, and enthusiastic about dentistry. This choice will help you create an environment for office success, including executing your plans for growth.

Every dentist wants to be successful. The key is to find the right team members to support your mission.

AADOM office managers are known for their amazing qualities and attributes, making them a key ingredient to your office success!

Meet the Author

Claudia LaSmith in gray top with statement necklaceClaudia LaSmith, MAADOM was a 2019 nominee for Practice Administrator of the Year and a recipient of AADOM’s Practice Administrator of Distinction award.

She currently serves as a board member for the AADOM Triangle Area Chapter… This text opens a new tab to the chapter’s website….

She and her husband have a beautiful daughter, Harper Dean. When she isn’t busy at her home practice of Bell Family Dentistry, Claudia enjoys walking and cooking!


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