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Yankee 17 Spending the Day with Professionals

This is the third AADOM Day@YDC and it was one of the best we’ve ever had.  The Front Desk Lady, Lisa Marie Spradley presented our morning session, “Let’s Talk”.  Standing room only crowd for a session that focused on listening and effectively communicating with your team.  Many lessons learned in this session, some that were very unrelated to dentistry.

We spent the afternoon in our sold out Practice Administrator Roundtable session.  This is one of our most popular sessions. Practice Administrators bring their number one challenge to this session.  We split up into groups and brainstorm ideas for addressing the challenges brought forth by the team! Now there’s a concept!

I was in awe by how many of the attendees came to the booth following our afternoon session, just to say Thank You!  “I learned so much in this session, it was incredible”.  Well folks that’s what it’s all about.  We love what we do here at AADOM, and at the end of the day we love for members to share stories just like the one here!

One of the high points of the entire day was to introduce our Boston MA chapter, headed by Jennifer Steadman.  Jennifer was beaming when she left this afternoon as it appears she may have 9 members already, woot woot!!

We are just loving what we do here at AADOM!  Our members are the best of the best and they prove this every day!  Thanks everyone for all you do to support this crazy field known as dentistry!




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