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Yankee 2017 – That’s a Wrap

Cheers!  It seems appropriate to start this post with the word!  When in Boston you can’t help but go to this famed establishment with so much history! It just so happens that AADOM’s president Heather Colicchio typically sign’s offer her communications with Cheers!  So, Cheers to an awesome Yankee 2017!

The theme today seemed to be “My office manager took your course yesterday and told me I had to come by and see what you are all about”. Yes we had several docs come by today and visit.  It was refreshing to have so many of them say, “My office manager does it all, I want he or she to decide if they want to become a member. If they want to do this, I support them!”.  Music to our ears at AADOM because this means that we have members who are supported by their doctors. These doctors see the value of making sure their managers are afforded the opportunity to learn and grow.

Highlight for today… Spending time with four separate practice managers who are on track to become FAADOM’s at this year’s conference!  One particular conversation with an office manager and her team entailed not only the discussion about the FAADOM process, but her doctor then saying, “I think you should look at starting a chapter in Delaware, we have four offices and our team could help get it started. We really need this up in Delaware.”  WOW!  This same team, well they are bringing six team members to our conference and as a team building exercise… they are renting an RV and driving to Scottsdale!  I’m thinking we might have to give an award to the longest drive!

We ended the day with our AADOM team taking in some of the sites of Boston. What a beautiful city with such rich history. Thank you Boston for another wonderful Yankee Dental Conference and thank you for your incredible hospitality! Cheers, we’ll see you in 2018!

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