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You Are Not On An Island


Last month I participated in the AADOM webinar, “Managing Your Data Against Today’s Ever Growing Threats”, Sponsored by Eaglesoft.

Yesterday, one month later, one of our office computers was hit with the ransomware described in the webinar. Because I had learned about ransomware in the webinar, I knew to immediately disconnect that computer from our network.

Out tech support company told me this morning that because I disconnected it so quickly, I likely saved our entire system and server
from being infected, an event that would have caused days of shut down for restoration, at a cost that may have exceeded six figures in lost production, plus data restoration costs.

Consider this a testimonial for the value of education, and a huge “Thank You” for providing content to your members that has saved us tremendous loss in our practice.

I am truly thankful for my AADOM membership as I approach the Thanksgiving holiday!


Paul Shahan
Chief Operations Officer
Periodontal Associates of Memphis

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