Finding Your Voice with Your Boss – Part Three

Part Three of a Three Part Series “You Have a Voice”

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How do you show up when you are speaking with your boss? Raise your hand if you ever felt your boss isn’t listening. Let’s face it; we are stuck in the middle. We are the voice of the team, yet our bosses’ biggest supporters. Sometimes we need to be quiet and listen (it’s their business, after all), but sometimes we must get them to listen to our voice. They know dentistry; we know everything else to keep the business running. What if won’t they always listen to us?

Truth #1 – Your word is just as important as theirs.

Sure, you don’t have a dental degree, and it’s not your business, but that doesn’t mean what you have to say isn’t impactful and insightful. They may know more about their craft (clinical dentistry), but I can assure you, you probably know more about insurance, HIPAA, OSHA, compliance, human resources, and financial reporting.

AADOM classes, research, and networking have all immensely helped my voice become stronger in my career. I have articles to back up what my voice is saying and people I can bounce ideas off. When you plug in and utilize what AADOM has to offer, your need and want to continually educate yourself will show your boss you are serious about your career.

Truth #2 – It’s okay to stand-up for what you believe.

Like in any relationship, sometimes you must put your foot down and stand for a belief. Don’t be afraid to do this with your boss, but do it respectfully! They are, after all, still the owner. You need to learn what battles to let go, and which ones not to back down on. This helps your boss respect your voice too. Find their best way of listening. If it’s graphics, show your research in a chart. If it’s a list of pros and cons, bullet point your way into their heart. I always say the most important task in my career is keeping them legal. I will not stand for unethical people or practices and I will not allow my morals to be challenged. There are some people out there who will try to challenge this, and I’m telling you, it is not worth it. Find yourself a boss you can stand behind!

Truth #3 – Your truth is yours to own.

Stay authentic! Be you in your words and actions. Don’t be afraid to show yourself. You’re strong and beautifully made! You are unique, and you have the magic within yourself to be the best version of yourself every day. Your boss saw something in you that told them you were the person for this job. Now go be that person! The more you show up for your boss, the more respect they will have for you.

What you have to say is extremely important. It’s okay to fail, and it’s okay to get frustrated. You are human, after all. Have yourself a little cry in your space if you need to, but then get back out there and shine. Stay strong and stay authentic.

Remember to be yourself. There is no one out there like you. You are uniquely made, and what you have to say is important. Speak your truth and be real with your team; remember, your boss needs you to speak up and be respectfully assertive. They trust you with their business, and we need to give feedback to help them succeed.

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Jana Haller has worked in the dental field since 1983. With almost 40 years of experience, she has served as a Dental Assistant, Patient Coordinator, Office Manager, Business Manager, and a trainer for dental insurance Submissions. She currently works as an Operations Manager for Dr. Donald Flihan, DDS, MD, an oral surgeon in Utica, New York.


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    Eileen Peers

    Job descriptions and the role of the Office Manager changes from office to office. I see a true Business Manager. Supervisor, Lead Admin, Coordinator. Training, Education, AND Support for one of the Key positions in the office is critical.

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