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AADOM LiveCast: You Unleashed!


Approved for 1 CE towards AADOM Designations

You are a superstar, a hero, a total rockstar who has navigated so much change and challenge in your work and life especially these last few months.

Let’s showcase YOU! You have awesome passions, skills, and gifts that when identified and tapped into can boost your mood, improve your workplace reputation, make you a stronger manager, and skyrocket overall job fulfillment. During this interactive session you will discover your unique combination of assets that can take your days from draining to energizing and unleash your best self.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Map Your Passions – Uncover what tasks and traits fire you up, bring out the best in you, and elevate those around you.
  • Own Your Stories – Identify the cool, weird, hard, and awesome stories that have defined you as a person and help position your greatness.
  • Ditch the Drama – Create a power mantra to release negative energy when you’re triggered, overwhelmed, or stressed so you can get back to being your most awesome self!

Session Sponsored by Patterson Dental

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Learn more about the presenter:

Kristen Brown is a keynote speaker, biohacker, bestselling author, and energy mastery expert who charges up her clients by syncing up their body/mind/spirit for work and life growth. Learn more at and

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