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You’re a Rockstar and We Know It!

One of the things we do best here at AADOM is recognizing excellence. We are very proud of this. Oftentimes, the dental practice administrator is the unsung hero of the practice. You are the glue that keeps everything together, you are the cog that keeps all the spokes moving gracefully. Your practice would not be as successful as it is without you at the helm. You wear many, many hats in your practice. You keep the patients happy, your doctor and team in harmony and your bottom line healthy. We know that. We want the world to know that.

Through the AADOM Member Spotlight Series, AADOM Smiles, and other initiatives like our Green Leader Award and Chapter of the Year Award we are continually shining a spotlight on all the amazing things dental office managers do day in and day out, in their practice, in their community and in the industry. The highest point of recognition of all the dental practice administrator does culminates in the “Practice Administrator of the Year” Award. This prestigious award is bestowed once a year to the practice administrator who exemplifies all of the best qualities a successful manager can have. This award is sponsored by AADOM and CareCredit.

This year, we will be presenting the award at the 13th Annual Dental Management Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. I encourage you to nominate yourself (it’s not bragging if it’s true!) or to certainly nominate a worthy dental practice leader you know. There is joy in recognizing excellence and, it is true…it is an honor to just be nominated.

In addition to the Practice Administrator of the Year, AADOM will also be recognizing Practice Administrators of Distinction. These leaders make up the court for the Practice Administrator of the year.

I have seen the faces of past winners light up when their name is called and I can’t wait to learn who the winner will be in Scottsdale!

To learn more about this award or to submit a nomination, (before July 7th), go to:  AADOM Practice Administrator of the Year.



Heather Colicchio
AADOM Founder and President

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