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Chapter Resources
Black Talon Security, LLC

Contact:  Sue Griffin

Contact email: sue.griffin@blacktalonsecurity.com

Website: www.blacktalonsecurity.com

Black Talon Security, LLC would like to provide AADOM chapters:

-Providing a speaker and offering Q and A

Anything special you want the chapters to know?

We provide Cybersecurity awareness training, scanning of networks to check for any vulnerabilities, HIPAA training, a HIPAA portal and also a HIPAA “Concierge” service where we do the majority of the work for the practice to help them become HIPAA compliant. Services available Nationwide.


Contact: Martin Kearns

Contact email: martin.kearns@lighthousepmg.com

Website: www.lh360.com

Lighthouse would like to provide AADOM chapters:

-Provide speaker and educational content
-Host webinars for members
-Sponsorship budget determined on a per opportunity basis
-Host chapter meetings in our New York and Austin offices

Core Scientific

Contact: Melissa Stark

Contact email: melissa@core-scientific.com

Website:  https://core-scientific.com/

Core Scientific would like to provide AADOM chapters:

– Sponsor lunch/Snacks up to $1,000
– Provide a conference room for chapter meetings/events
– Speaker with presentation and Q&A

Anything special you want the chapter to know?

We work with office managers across the country refining the dental scrap (i.e. gold, silver and platinum metals – palladium). Much of the buyers that come into the dental office only pay on the gold content and not the platinum group metals, specifically the palladium, which is currently higher than gold. They provide payment on a portion of the material and taking a large profit for themselves. Office managers get 100 – 150% more on the dental scrap with they use a refiner, like us, rather than a buyer. We can provide additional details and references for the chapter, and a tour of our refining facility to understand better how the process works.

CEDR HR Solutions

Contact: Lindsey Epperson

Contact email: lindsey@cedrsolutions.com

Website: https://www.cedrsolutions.com/

CEDR HR Solutions would like to provide AADOM chapters:

-HR Courses via: Webinar/Video Presentation with Live Q&A (no travel needed)
-Live Speaker traveling to your event (Depending on our availability) *2019 is full.
-Please contact us about other sponsorship opportunities.

Anything special you want the chapters to know? 

CEDR HR Solutions is a leading provider of custom employee handbooks, HR support, HIPAA training, timekeeping, and payroll to professional healthcare practices. Our Solution Center team of employment law consultants and HR experts will provide you with unlimited-access guidance, so you can devote your time to managing your practice and treating patients. CEDR’s HR support is the gold standard for the industry, which gives you peace of mind. Services available Nationwide.

Henry Schein Dental

Contact: Traci Stephenson

Contact email: traci.stephenson@henryschein.com

Website: www.henryscheindental.com

Henry Schein Dental would like to provide AADOM chapters:

-Local speakers
-Regional Center support for chapter meetings/events
-Local training/event opportunities

Anything special you want the chapters to know?

We have 49 regional centers across the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii


Contact: Kelly Larson

Contact email: klarson@revenuewell.com

Website: www.revenuewell.com

You know we at RevenueWell that we love AADOM! We look forward to seeing you each year at the annual conference, and we understand it’s also through strong local chapters that you have opportunities to come together in community to share experiences and grow professionally.

RevenueWell would like to provide AADOM Chapters: 

  1. Expert Learning Series – Our team of practice growth experts, including Alex Nudel and Deana Zost, will inspire you to be your best. Popular topics include:
  • Leadership through Technology
  • Using Patient Feedback to Grow Your Practice
  • Getting Past “No” – Increasing Case Acceptance
  • Dispelling the Myths of Treatment Plan Follow-Up
  • How to Start the Year Off Right!
  • Boost Your “End of Year” Production!
  • Or…a topic of your choice!
  1. Meeting Sponsorships – $250 sponsorships are available based on approval
  2. Fun Swag & Raffle Prizes!


Anything special you want the chapters to know? 

Resources are limited and based on availability. Services available Nationwide. If you’re interested, please send us an email. In exchange, we ask for the opportunity to follow up with your chapter members and attendees with a greeting and special offer from RevenueWell. We’d also ask that you share your excitement by posting a photo from your meeting to your Facebook page with the hashtag #RevenueWellRockstars.


Roadside Dental Marketing

Contact: Whitney Speir

Contact email: wspeir@roadsidemultimedia.com

Website: https://roadsidedentalmarketing.com

Roadside Dental Marketing would like to provide AADOM chapters:

– Local speakers for In-person presentations in Seattle, WA area, Chicago, IL area, Portland, OR area
– Video presentations with live Q & A

Anything special you want the chapters to know?

We’re happy to present on the following marketing topics, please email for more information:
Content marketing
Social media
Reviews and reputation
Video marketing
Marketing coaching for the entire team


Contact: Mike Buckner

Contact email: Mike.Buckner@getweave.com

Website: www.getweave.com

Weave would like to provide AADOM chapters: 

– Provide meeting facility for Utah Chapters
– Contribution of dinner or snacks up to $500
– Provide a speaker for an educational presentation (Topics and speakers vary)
– Sponsor raffle gifts for meeting attendees
– More information available upon request

Anything special you want the chapters to know?

We love supporting our AADOM chapters. We have worked with a variety of speakers and chapters, and are open to helping offset a speaker’s honorarium. Most of all, we would love the opportunity to come and provide an educational course on “Breaking through to the Rising Millennial Generation” (Course description available upon request). Looking forward to hear how we can further support our AADOM tribe! Services available nationwide.

Merchant Advocate

Contact: Cheryl Donahue

Contact email: cdonahue@merchantadvocate.com

Website: http://www.merchantadvocate.com/aadom

Merchant Advocate would like to provide AADOM chapters:

-Provide speaker and educational content
-Host webinars for members
-Sponsorship budget determined on a per opportunity basis
-Our educational content has been approved for 1 AADOM CE credit

Anything special you want the chapters to know?

Services available nationwide.

Microbelink Dx

Contact: Jennifer Seider

Contact email: Jennifer@microbelinkdx.com

Website: http://www.microbelinkdx.com/

Microbelink Dx would like to provide AADOM chapters:

– Local speakers for presentations (can support more in the Tennessee area)
– Video presentations with live Q & A

Anything special you want the chapters to know?

Microbelink Dx provides bacterial testing for periodontal disease. We use the paperpoint testing method to test for the 11 pathogens linked to periodontal disease. Our testing supplies are free of charge to receive and free return shipping. Our bacterial test is called 11-microbes. We are able to provide exceptional customer service to our customers. We are always available to help. We want to help you “link oral microbes to systemic health.” Microbelink Dx provides services nationwide.

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