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Maternity and Pregnancy Leave Guide

Written by Paul Edwards.

Receive a comprehensive overview for dental office managers.

Thank you to our Emerald Sponsor CEDR HR SOLUTIONS for this well-written whitepaper.

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The Mental State of Today’s Office Manager

Information provided compliments of UBM and AADOM.

Thank you to UBM and AADOM for creating this informative infographic style Whitepaper.

Everything you wanted to know about what office managers think and who they are is compiled in this great resource.

Mind Your Chairside Manners:

Information provided through the Patterson Diamond Sponsorship.

Savvy business owners know that it costs a whole lot more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. That’s why patient retention is one of the most important metrics for a dental office. Focusing on improving your patients’ satisfaction can help increase the number of clients who return to your office – and can even result in more patient referrals.

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