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Strategic Revenue Bootcamp

The 6-step blueprint to generating a steady flow of high-quality patients - even with a stretched-thin team.

AADOM's president can't get enough of Roadside! Hear why.

Tired of Not Seeing Real Results From Your Marketing? Do You Want to Make an Impact on Your Doctor’s Practice Growth?

👇 Grab your doc right now and watch this video together.

Strategic Revenue Bootcamp will hand you the framework to make smart marketing decisions that generate real revenue so you:

  • Stop wasting your time on pointless marketing tactics
  • Attract the right patients that keep the practice humming (and make you feel fulfilled)
  • Find instant revenue opportunities to grow the practice
  • Feel like a boss for single-handedly contributing to your doc’s growth

What You’ll Get Out of Strategic Revenue Bootcamp

Get endorsed by AADOM for marketing.

1 hour of CE towards your AADOM Membership
Scripts + templates that have injected at least $100K+ into other practices
The leverage to become a contributor to your practice’s growth
Strategies to better serve your patients without wasting your valuable time
From Heather Colicchio
Founder and President of AADOM

‘‘What I love about Roadside Dental Marketing is that they help our members create long-term marketing strategies so they see real practice growth AND don’t have to do unnecessary work."

“I've seen AADOM members evolve with thinking strategy first, and their marketing completely changes. They build a relationship directly with the patient.

Meet Your Bootcamp Cheerleader

Shannon Mackey, CEO of Roadside Dental Marketing

Headshot of Shannon with a text caption reading, CEO + Lead Cheerleader, Helping dental practices grow since 1999

‘‘For 20+ years, I’ve seen dentists struggle with the same things: not enough high-ticket cases, an overwhelmed team, and not seeing a clear ROI with their marketing. So we created Strategic Revenue Bootcamp to take your practice growth to the next level.”

  • Started in the dental industry in 1987
  • Founded her dental marketing agency in 1999
  • Helped 2500+ dentists nationwide to scale and grow their unique practices

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Strategic Revenue Bootcamp all about?
    This bootcamp is all about giving you a proven blueprint for strategic revenue growth by:

    • Analyzing your practice numbers
    • Finding the low-hanging fruit you have in the practice that isn’t being utilized
    • Building a strong brand and message to get in the right kind of high-quality patients for proper practice growth

    We’ve seen such massive results for our practices in doing this, so we wanted to share and help hundreds more by starting this marketing course.

  • Who is the Strategic Revenue Bootcamp for?
    If you’re running a dental practice and you’re serious about growing the practice and doing the work, this bootcamp is perfect for you!

    Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting, Strategic Revenue Bootcamp will give you the tools to make smart marketing decisions and effective strategies to generate real revenue.

  • How much does the Strategic Revenue Bootcamp cost?
    Zilch. Nothing. Nada. No dinero. You get the picture. We could charge thousands for this strategy but offer it for free.

    We want to help hundreds of dental practices succeed and achieve their goals.

  • How long is the Strategic Revenue Bootcamp?
    It’s designed to fit right into your busy schedule. It’ll take about an hour of your time, but we’ve broken it down into bite-sized 5-10 minute videos.

    That way, you can easily digest the information and, most importantly, take action on it!

  • How do I sign up?
    Just sign up here…Click to sign up in a new tab…. Answer a few questions, and we’ll email your logins. If you’re having trouble logging in, you can contact our Support Team (

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