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AADOM Members Share Best Practices

An Introvert's Guide to the AADOM Conference

Cara Hull, MAADOM

Sell Me This Pen

Daniel Schriftman, FAADOM

Planning Your Way to Victory

Erika Pusillo, MAADOM

Tips on Working the Insurance Aging Report

Hannah Lively, FAADOM

The Art of Hiring

Lilson Curl, FAADOM

6 Steps to Successfully Dropping Your Favorite PPO

Nicole Hartshorn, FAADOM

We Have to Be Like Skyscrapers, Flexible & Strong

Rosanne Kassab-Perno, MAADOM

Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers, Beavers Oh My!

Tamara Whitley, FAADOM

Squeeze Your Butt Cheeks

Christi Bintliff, MAADOM

What are You Worth?

Beverly Wilburn, DAADOM

The Dental Wave Effect

Claudia LaSmith, DAADOM

Managing Today by Utilizing Technology

Jennifer Steadman, RDH, BSDH, DAADOM

Dental Insurance: 6 Simple Tips for Best Practices

Jessie Torrey, MAADOM

Are You Contributing to Team Conflict?

Kristi Abrahamsen, DAADOM

The Great Food Truck Challenge

Monica Payne, DAADOM

Patient Retention

Pamela Goodman, MAADOM

The Treatment Coordinator in the Dental Practice

Teresa Spence, DAADOM

Dancing with Grace

Joanne Miles, MAADOM, RDA

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Submission of Articles for AADOM Members

Articles submitted by AADOM members will be accepted and published after review by an editorial committee. Subject matter for approved articles must be focused on practice management issues and written with the dental practice administrator as the targeted audience. Any articles that endorse, solicit or sponsor third party companies will not be accepted for publication. The contributing author’s website will be included in author by-line only. AADOM members can submit up to two articles per calendar year. Submission of an article does not guarantee acceptance for publication.

Submission of Articles for AADOM Non-Members

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  • Word count 500 – 1200 words.
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  • Include bio of less than 75 words.
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