On-Demand HIPAA Training

HIPAA Compliance Training from CEDR HR Solutions

AADOM members — you are about to take an important step in your compliance journey. Your complimentary training, provided by our friends at CEDR, is available on-demand by clicking the button below. CEDR’s HIPAA training program is approved for up to three CE towards AADOM designations.

By using On-Demand HIPAA Training, you are agreeing to allow AADOM to share your name, email address, and the name of your organization with CEDR HR Solutions. Before using this service, you can review … This text opens a new tab to CEDR’s website…CEDR’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

What Is On-Demand HIPAA Training?

CEDR’s On-Demand HIPAA Training is the best and most convenient way to keep your team HIPAA compliant year-round.

With On-Demand Training, you’ll never have to shut your office down to train again. Train new employees on their first day of work or let employees catch up on training whenever they have down time!

Invite team members to train by entering their name and email address into the platform. They’ll receive a unique login by email and can start training instantly.

CEDR’s On-Demand HIPAA Training program includes in-depth videos and quizzes about working with patients’ Protected Health Information. It also features a special “Advanced Track” for your office’s designated Privacy and Security Officers.

Your team members will receive a Certificate of Completion as soon as they finish training and will not need to retrain for another year! Once your entire team has completed the program, you’ll get a “HIPAA Compliant” badge you can put on your website to let your patients and potential patients know that your entire office is up-to-date on training.

Here’s how CEDR’s On-Demand HIPAA Training program makes life easier for OMs:

  • Get automatic reminders so you know when it’s time for an employee to retrain
  • Train new employees before they ever see PHI
  • Train when it’s convenient — there’s no need to shut down production for training
  • Employees get automatic reminders to retrain and can do so during down time
  • Check employee progress and training status at a glance
  • Save thousands of dollars versus closing your office and bringing in a trainer

Who Is CEDR HR Solutions?

CEDR HR Solutions is AADOM’s HR provider, official HR partner, and the number-one provider of custom employee handbooks, expert team management guidance, and HR software to private dental practices. CEDR has helped thousands of practice managers like you build and manage rockstar teams since 2006.

Over the course of your career, you’ll spend about as much time with your employees and coworkers as you will with your own family. That said, the way that you manage your team and enforce your office policies can affect your life in more ways than you may realize.

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