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Welcome to The YOU Zone!

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“Patterson cares about you. We know that taking care of yourself allows you to better care for others. This inspired us to offer The YOU Zone to AADOM members.

The YOU Zone is a compilation of Mindful Moments and Motivational Learning Sessions that promote self-care to keep you energized and motivated at home and work.”

– Your friends at Patterson

Mindful Moments

NEW! - There Is Enough Time
Hell Yes or No

Motivational Learning Sessions

NEW! - The Work Life Balance Myth - Truth #3
NEW! - The Power of Breath
How to Love Your Job
Your Power People
Drink Water
The Work-Life Balance Myth | Truth #1
The Work-Life Balance Myth | Truth #2
Protection from Negativity Meditation
Smart Self-Leadership
Yoga For Your Energy Centers
Indoor Plants
I Own My Awesome
The Pros and Cons of Routine
Love Your Team, Grow Your Practice
This Moment
"Lead with your heart but don't ignore your brain. Great decisions need both."
Hand Massage
Staying healthy and energized.
Mindfulness at work.
10 Super De-Stressors
Building the Best You
"I am calm" meditation.