AADOM Fellowship (FAADOM)

Gain recognition as an elite office manager in one year.

Differentiate Yourself from the Crowd

FAADOM confirms your commitment to dental management excellence. 

Dentists are looking for dental management professionals who’re committed and dedicated to not only run their dental practices but to help them excel.

AADOM Fellowship is the only program in the dental industry for dental management professionals. This professional distinction, shows your commitment to making dental office management a career not just a job. Potential employers will take notice of your FAADOM status.

When You Become a Fellow, You'll:
Be Recognized
You’ll standout immediately just by putting these six letters after your name: FAADOM.
Gain Opportunities
You’ll have the leverage to make more money and choose your career path.
Have Support
Form lifelong bonds with like-minded peers in the same boat as you.
Graduate Quickly
Become a FAADOM in a year when you enroll in Fall Semester and the Fellowship program.

Having the tools and knowledge that AADOM has provided me, coupled with my Fellowship distinction, helps make my resume stand out amongst the rest.

Danielle, FAADOM Practice Coordinator

It has helped me grow as a professional along with my practice. It shows my employers that I am dedicated to both them and myself. Education and growth are needed in every profession and that is what FAADOM does for me.

Denise, FAADOM Office Manager

I feel like a true asset to my team. This is what I look forward to every day:
The thrill of learning something new and being able to utilize the skills
that I have gained through FAADOM.

Leslie, FAADOM Office Manager

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