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A Dental Membership Plan that benefits your practice and patients

Easily design and manage your own membership plan to offer dental coverage directly to patients. See how it works:

What is Kleer?

Kleer is an advanced, cloud-based platform that enables you to easily design and manage your own customized membership plan.

If you have a paper-based plan already in place, Kleer provides tools to enhance and accelerate your plan.

Your patients will LOVE Kleer:

  • Simple, affordable, and transparent dental coverage
  • Benefits start immediately
  • No surprises, hassles, or hidden terms
  • HIPAA compliant
What we offer:

Kleer can help practices looking for a membership plan and those who already have a paper-based plan:

  • For practices looking for a plan: Create a custom membership plan that fits your practice and patient needs while setting your fees and design up to five care plans for children, adults, and perio patients. You can offer monthly and yearly payment options.

  • For practices with a paper-based plan: Utilize e-commerce tools to allow for patient self-service and payment processing and reduce administrative burdens reduced with auto-renewal capability. Use custom QR code and widget for website to allow patients to sign up online and away from the office.

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