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New AADOM subscribers can enjoy a FREE streaming player + 1 month of free music service.
SiriusXM Music for Business can provide your dental office with a fully licensed & legal music solution that offers over 200+ music channels spanning an array of genres & Family friendly options. New AADOM subscribers can enjoy a FREE streaming player + 1 month of free music service.
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Dental Menu
Dental Menu
What the Bleep am I supposed to do with membership payments?
Should you adjust included membership payments/benefits to $0 on the patient ledger? WATCH OUR FREE VIDEO to learn best practices for reconciling membership payments. Sign up and receive a FREE $100 Amazon gift card.
FREE E-BOOK Dialing it up in 2023: How Your Team Can Win in a Slower Economy
Costs are becoming a larger obstacle for patients, putting more stress on your team. That's why we put together an E-book with helpful tips for overcoming treatment objections and how to talk about financial arrangements.
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Dental Intel
Save 13 Hours a Week in 2023!
If you want less stress this year, you need new systems to tackle dentistry’s age-old problems. Download this free eBook to see how office managers are saving 86 business days’ worth of busywork, drudgery, and unoptimized time. You only have 24 hours a day - make more of them yours.
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Rectangle Health
Rectangle Health
Run your practice with confidence
Rectangle Health equips healthcare practices with safe, secure, and seamless tools for efficient and profitable patient and office management. Exclusive for AADOM Members: Get more value and find balance in your workday when you bundle Payments, Financing, and Reminders at $99/month. That’s a $33 a month savings! (Terms and usage rates apply).
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Dental Card Services
Don't let your bottom line be gobbled up by fees and penalties.
AADOM members receive Free Practice Analysis with Low Cost Interchange Plus Pricing and 1 Free EMV Compliant Terminal and free virtual Terminal Activation (online bill pay, text to pay, recurring payments, and more). No Early Termination Fees and/or Penalties
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