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Are You the Next Office Manager of the Year (OMY)?

Do you know an exceptional Practice Administrator? Nominate them for Practice Administrator of the Year Award.

Do you know an exceptional dental practice management professional? Nominate them for the prestigious Office Manager of the Year award.

  • Requirements to Apply

    Tell us why you feel your Office Manager (or you in the role of Office Manager) should win the AADOM Office Manager of the Year award in 1000 words or less or a short video. See form below.

    Please note that nominations can come from the doctor, team member, dental industry representative or self-nomination. Multiple nominations from the practice and dental industry representatives are accepted.

    To be eligible, nominees must:

    • Be an AADOM member who is the full-time Office Manager/Practice Administrator in the office.
    • Have 3+ years’ experience in a dental practice.
    • Must hold a distinction level of FAADOM or higher.
    • Be registered and attend the AADOM Dental Managers Conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 5-7, 2024.

    The winner will receive $1,000, free conference registration to the 2025 conference and will be featured on the cover of THE OBSERVER magazine. Please assure that the nominee, practice principal, and team are aware of the nomination.

    Deadline for submissions is July 5, 2024
    Sponsored by CareCredit.

    The AADOM Office Manager of the Year award will be presented at the 2024 Conference.

  • The OMY Criteria
    • Exemplifies leadership
    • Responsible for an increase in practice efficiency and revenue
    • Community involvement (practice or personal)
    • Actively pursues continuing education/professional development
    • Implementation of technology within the practice
    • Implementation of marketing strategies for the practice
    • Active supporter of other AADOM members.


    Self-nominating additional requirements:

    • If you are self-nominating, and you were to win, what would you give back to your community through AADOM, your local dental community and the dental community at large? Please add this information to your nomination submission.
    • Self-nominations require a letter of recommendation from your doctor, a member of the practice or a dental industry representative.


  • What will you win?
    • $1000 prize
    • Cover feature in The Observer magazine
    • Office Manager of the Year Award
    • Exposure throughout the dental industry
    • Complimentary Lifetime AADOM Membership
    • Free tuition to #AADOM25 in Austin, TX
  • Winning OMY Expectations
    • OMY’s Reigning Year is from current conference through next year’s conference.
    • Providing 12 Pearls of Wisdom – tips and best practices to share with the AADOM Tribe.
    • Cover of November Observer Magazine along with Q&A Interview form
    • Active supporter of fellow AADOM members
    • Video interview with Heather Colicchio
    • AADOM Ambassador & Influencer throughout the reigning year and beyond
    • Uphold AADOM’s Code of Conduct
    • Acceptance speech during presentation ceremony at 2024 conference
    • Scheduled cover and promotional photo/video session at 2024 conference

Nominate Your Choice for Office Manager of the Year

The nominating window for the 2024 Office Manager of the Year has closed. Nominations for 2025 Office Manager of the Year will begin on December 1, 2024.


You Can Join Our Wall of Office Managers of The Year

Click on the photos to learn more about our past winners.
Emily Estrella, FAADOM

2023 Practice Administrator of the Year

Emily Estrella has been the full-time office manager, financial care coordinator, and treatment coordinator at Katy Trail Dental in Dallas, Texas, since 2017. Her journey into the dental world began unexpectedly in 2014 when she stepped in to “help out.” Little did she know that this opportunity would lead her to love the intricacies of dentistry, from mastering the art of patient care to navigating through the challenges of building a practice from scratch, and relocating the office to accommodate growth.

Emily’s commitment to helping others extends beyond administrative tasks. Whether assisting the clinical team, collaborating with the doctor, or supporting patients in their personal lives, she is always eager to lend a hand.

Through AADOM’s educational courses, Emily has learned from industry top experts and connected with the most talented leaders. Her passion for dentistry is matched by her dedication to continue to learn and educate her dental colleagues and patients on the latest dental news and changes. She actively contributes to the dental community and strives to share her knowledge to uplift others.

Emily serves as a remote account manager for Essential Dental Services, offering revenue cycle management services and providing excellent service and care to offices around the world. Her impact reaches far beyond the clinical walls, reflecting her unwavering commitment to dental excellence.

Emily’s professional accolades include being an active member of AADOM since 2019, earning her AADOM Fellowship distinction in 2022, receiving the Practice Administrator of Distinction award from 2020 through 2022 before the most prestigious Practice Administrator of the Year recipient in 2023.

When she’s away from the office, Emily enjoys quality time with her family and friends, especially her husband, Vincent. Her love for travel takes her to new places, and she relishes spending time outdoors, preferably near a body of water. Whether it’s a serene lakeside or an adventurous beach vacation, Emily finds solace and inspiration in nature.

Beverly Wilburn, DAADOM

2022 Practice Administrator of the Year

Beverly Wilburn, DAADOM, is the full-time office manager of Karl A. Smith, DDS, LLC Periodontics and Implants in Alexandria, VA. She is also the owner of Magnifident™ Consulting where she trains dental teams on case acceptance and marketing. She has served as an expert witness for the administrative side of dentistry in several multi-million-dollar dental malpractice cases. Beverly serves as the Executive Administrator for the Virginia Society of Periodontists.

She received her AADOM Fellowship, (FAADOM) in 2019, her AADOM Mastership, (MAADOM) in 2020, and was inducted into AADOM’s first Diplomate, (DAADOM), class in 2021. Beverly is a lifetime member of AADOM and has launched AADOM’s Dental Spouse Business Network Chapter.

She was a 2021 Practice Administrator of Distinction prior to being named AADOM’s 2022 Practice Administrator of the Year.

Teresa Spence, DAADOM

2021 Practice Administrator of the Year

Teresa has worked in dentistry for over 30 years, and it continues to be her “lifelong passion.” She currently works in a 4-dentist and 9-hygienist office in Amelia Island, Florida. After her first experience at an AADOM conference, she helped to develop what is now the Northeast Florida AADOM Chapter.

Teresa earned her AADOM Fellowship, FAADOM) in 2012 and her AADOM Mastership, (MAADOM) in 2020.  In September of 2021 Teresa was inducted into the first class of AADOM Diplomates, (DAADOM).

She has twice received the AADOM Practice Administrator of Distinction award prior to being named the 2021 Practice Administrator of the Year.

Debbie Evans, DAADOM

2020 Practice Administrator of the Year

Debbie Evans has been in the dental industry for almost 30 years. She has been the Practice Administrator for Wainright & Wassel, DDS in Raleigh, NC since 2005.
Debbie is a proud lifetime AADOM member and serves as Co-President of the AADOM Triangle Chapter. She received her AADOM Fellowship in the Fall of 2016 and most recently received her Mastership in September of 2020. In 2021 Debbie received her Diplomate designation. Her AADOM Triangle Chapter is the largest chapter in the country and has won the “Chapter of the Year” for the last 2 years. Prior to being named the 2020 Practice Administrator of the year Debbie was recognized as an AADOM “Practice Administrator with Distinction” for the past 3 years.

Debbie and her husband Ron, have two married children, Ryan, and his wife Emily, who reside in Overland Park, KS, and Brittany, and her husband Kevin, who live in San Clemente, CA. Debbie has 3 grandsons, Carson, Jack and Logan, and a 1 granddaughter, Ila Marie. Debbie loves being “NaNa” and she proudly says that she’s going to be one of “THOSE” grandparents – and she loves every minute of it.

Jennifer Steadman, DAADOM

2020 Practice Administrator of the Year

Jennifer Steadman has been with Dentistry by Design in Andover, MA since 2009.  she obtained her bachelor’s degree from Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Upon joining Dentistry by Design as a dental hygienist, Jennifer’s role grew significantly. Through extensive training and continuing education courses, she now acts the director of operations where she oversees the dental team and keeps them up-to-date on the ever-changing advances within the field.

Jennifer has taken on a true passion for dentistry, and continually strives to advance her education, and pass on her knowledge and charisma. She became a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Management (FAADOM) in 2015, and most recently was inducted as an AADOM Master (MAADOM) in September of 2020. In 2021 she was inducted as an AADOM Diplomate, (DAADOM).  Jennifer was the founder of the Boston Chapter of AADOM and remains actively involved in the chapter today. In 2019, she was recognized for her on-going hard work and dedication, as she was nominated and honored by AADOM as a Practice Administrator of Distinction.

During her time away from the office, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband Dominick, and their two daughters Addison and Caroline. You can find them taking trips to the lakes region of New Hampshire, and spending time with their extended family and friends!

Greg Prince, FAADOM

2019 Practice Administrator of the Year

Greg Prince is a Fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Management and AADOM’s 2019 Practice Administrator of the Year. He has managed Adams & Seaton Pediatric Dentistry in Nashville, TN since August 2015. Greg has successfully navigated the practice through the transition of owners, addition of an associate who has become a partner, and is currently designing the new office/relocation of their office scheduled for March 2020. He is currently the president of the Nashville AADOM chapter. Team building, practice growth, and project management keep Greg busy during the day. After hours, he volunteers at Interfaith Dental, is Logistics Coordinator for Sacred Selections’ Nashville chapter, and event support for the Heimerdinger Foundation. In his spare time he enjoys backpacking the gorgeous Tennessee mountains, exploring the Nashville food scene, and cooking for friends and family, because no one should work on an empty stomach!

  • Betsy Cord, DAADOM, 2018 Practice Administrator of the Year
  • Terri Lenihan, FAADOM, 2017 Practice Administrator of the Year
  • Jamie Perryman, 2016 Practice Administrator of the Year
  • Cecilia Mescain, FAADOM, 2015 Office Manager of the Year
  • Lisa Spradley, 2014 Office Manager of the Year
  • Cindy Sooter, FAADOM, 2013 Office Manager of the Year
  • Deanna Alexander, FAADOM, 2012 Office Manager of the Year
  • Robyn Rossetter, FAADOM, 2011 Office Manager of the Year
  • Melissa Meredith, 2010 Office Manager of the Year
  • Kay Valentine, FAADOM, 2009 Office Manager of the Year
  • Melanie Duncan, FAADOM, 2008 Office Manager of the Year
  • Mindy Altermatt, 2007 Office Manager of the Year
  • Jennifer Russell, 2006 Office Manager of the Year
  • Connie Elwell, 2005 Office Manager of the Year
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