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Learn how hundreds of dental office managers are taking back control by rapidly growing their own in-house patient membership clubs.

See how office managers are saving time and reducing insurance headaches. Watch now!

It’s Time to Take Back Control!

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Cut out the Insurance company middle man with Illumitrac

Tired of dealing with insurance bureaucrats who deny claims, question your treatment plans, lower your fees, and just generally give you and your patients lots of headaches? Ever thought of setting up your own in-house patient membership club but you weren’t sure how to do it or whether it would work for your practice?

Well, you’re not alone. Hundreds of dental office managers across the country are fed up – and they’re fighting back by launching their own in-house Patient Membership Clubs to help attract and retain more cash-paying patients. Imagine having:

✓ No claims to file
✓ No bills to send
✓ No collections
✓ No third-party meddling

It might sound like a dream, but dental practices around the country are already doing it. Click the button above to learn more.

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