Code of Conduct

As members of AADOM, we are committed to a Code of Professional Conduct in order to achieve and maintain high levels of integrity, decision making, and counsel by the members of the profession. By holding ourselves accountable to meeting the standards stated in the Code of Professional Conduct, we enhance the dental profession’s trust on which our professional privilege is founded.

  1. Participate in the development and in the advancement of our profession.
  2. Act in ways that bring credit to our profession while demonstrating respect for other colleagues in dentistry.
  3. Promote a positive image for our profession.
  4. Encourage the highest standard of personal conduct and integrity.
  5. Always strive to be fair and objective. We are never influenced by issues of gender, race, creed, color, age or personal disability.
  6. Treat all members, vendors and employees with respect at all times.
  7. Continually strive for knowledge, personal and professional growth.
  8. Develop collaborative professional relationships and exchange knowledge to enhance our own life-long professional development.
  9. Promote ethical behavior and high standards of care in the dental profession.
  10. Develop professional relationships based on truth, honesty, responsibility and accountability.

AADOM reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or revoke membership of any individual who violates AADOM’s Code of Professional Conduct.