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Dental Benefits

Running a dental office is dynamic and multi-faceted – and the resources and services developed by the American Dental Association can help.

Be better informed with tips, tools, webinars and get one-on-one support with the ADA®Third Party Payer Concierge™.

Improve Your Knowledge with Dental Benefits

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ADA® Third Party Payer Concierge™

Dental benefit questions are complex for dentists, office managers, and patients alike. The ADA fields thousands of questions a year just on coding and dental benefits, with some very popular topics – do these top 5 sound familiar?

Top 5 Dental Benefit Concerns

  1. Coding Questions
  2. Bundling, downcoding, and least expensive alternative treatment clauses
  3. Coordination of benefits
  4. EFT Payments
  5. Provider Contract Issues

Contact the ADA® Third Party Payer Concierge™ by phone at 800-621-8099 or email If your dentist is an ADA member, experts are available to answer your questions about dental benefits and the complexities surrounding dental plans. Visit

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ADA® Credentialing Service Powered by CAQH ProView®

Spend less time on paperwork by going digital with credentialing. It’s free, protected, and you choose the organizations that can access the information. This is available at no cost for all U.S. licensed dentists – regardless of ADA membership.

Why go digital for credentialing?

  1. It’s all in one place. It’s an easy way to access and update your dentist’s credentialing information in CAQH ProView®, a centralized and protected location for storing and updating professional data and documentation for all U.S. licensed dentists.
  2. Reduces repetitive paperwork. It helps to reduce repetitive paperwork by enabling the input of dentists data, document images, and professional information only once electronically. After the initial input, subsequent attestations can be done digitally, confirming with a few clicks of a button.
  3. The price is right. The ADA® credentialing service is available free of charge to all U.S. licensed dentists, ADA members, and non-members alike.

Visit to get started.

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ADA Catalog Resource

CDT 2020 and CDT Coding Companion – Running a successful office requires accurate and quick reimbursements. This kit will help you reimburse quickly and make sure that all the staff is trained to accurately code.

AADOM members get 15% off all ADA Catalog products and if your dentist is an ADA member then use the member login to take advantage of discounted pricing. Use code 19501 and order before 12/31/19. Visit or call 800-947-4746.