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Why Sponsor With AADOM?

Harness the power of the practice leader.

AADOM members talking to a sponsor about dental manager sponsorship

AADOM members are truly leaders in their practices and communities. Sponsorship with AADOM offers the valuable opportunity to gain exposure to more than 15,000 of these leading dental managers nationwide.

“AADOM understands that practice leaders, as the right hand of the dentists they support, are entrusted to secure the proper products and services for the practice. Part of our mission is to facilitate this.”

-Karin Bennett, National Strategic Account Manager

AADOM is an inclusive organization that welcomes relationships with any company that services the needs of its membership. We’re pleased to offer multiple options for dental manager sponsorship opportunities both online and in person.

AADOM does not grant exclusivity to any company.

Connect with the Best Dental Leaders at the AADOM Conference

AADOM brings together dental team leaders from around the nation to the only annual national conference dedicated solely to them. AADOM’s mission is to provide excellent content, time-tested best practices, and everyday workable solutions these leaders can take back to their own practices for immediate application.

Not only are these talented leaders networking with the best speakers in dentistry, but they are also learning from each other…AND learning from YOU!

Why consider dental manager sponsorship at the AADOM conference?

  • 41% of attendees say they purchased a product or service for the first time that they learned about at the conference
  • You will love the high energy exhibitor/sponsor attention and boutique feel of an AADOM annual conference
  • Meet and network with AADOM members and non-members from general to specialty practices

Interested in sponsoring at the AADOM Conference

You can partake in our dental manager sponsorship at any of our AADOM Conferences. Below are our future conference dates:

  • 2021 Conference: Sept. 9-11, 2021 at Boca Raton Resort & Club
  • 2022 Conference: Sept. 8-10, 2022 at The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
  • 2023 Conference: Sept. 7-9, 2023 at Boca Raton Resort & Club

Contact us today for more information!

Woo-hoo! Feedback on our last webinar and the resources we gave away has been GREAT and we have had a lot of attendees turn into solid leads. Thanks for all of the continued support from the AADOM team!

- Whitney Speir, Marketing Director, Roadside Dental Marketing

We attend a fair number of conferences each year. The attendees came by our booth and had meaningful and detailed conversations about their practice and how our solution might help them.

- Jack Kramer, Kleer COO

We left this conference with qualified leads and lasting relationships. The AADOM team goes out of their way to ensure the success of their vendor partners. Definitely worth the investment!

- PayDay, Inc, HCM

One of the main reasons we love AADOM is the high return on investment the conference gives us. We love it so much that we register every year.

- Elizabeth Lawhead, EDI Health Group Inc, DentalXChange

Gain Exposure for Your Brand with Dental Office Managers Nationwide

AADOM is pleased to offer a variety of ways for industry leaders to connect with dental management trainers and professionals:

AADOM Gem Sponsorships

Patterson Dental
Diamond Sponsor

AADOM’s official technology solution provider and official front office provider.

Care Credit
Founding Sponsor

AADOM's endorsed patient financing company.

CEDR HR Solutions logo who is part of AADOM's dental manager sponsorship
Emerald Sponsor

AADOM’s official human resources partner.

RevenueWell logo who is part of AADOM's dental manager sponsorship
Ruby Sponsor

Official Dental Marketing Platform

Kleer logo who is part of AADOM's dental manager sponsorship
Amethyst Sponsor

Official Dental Membership Plan Sponsor

Burst logo who is part of AADOM's dental manager sponsorship

Official Toothbrush of AADOM

AADOM Summit Sponsorships

Weave logo who is part of AADOM's dental manager sponsorship
Summit Sponsor

Official telecom solutions provider.

Roadside Dental Marketing logo
Summit Sponsor

Official dental website designer.

Dental Intelligence logo
Summit Sponsor

Official data & analytics software provider.

Conference Sapphire Sponsorships

Patterson Dental provides a complete range of dental supplies, equipment, software, digital technology and services to dentists and dental labs throughout the United States and Canada.

“For over a decade Patterson has been a proud supporter of AADOM because we believe in their mission and in you! We understand the vital role you have in practice operations. Through our relationship, we learn your needs and build solutions, so you can keep your practice running smoothly and provide the best patient experience and the best patient care. You, AADOM, and Patterson. Our future, together.”

Suzanne Kump, CDA, LDA, MBA, Professional Relationships, Events, and Education Manager

Visit Their Website

Special Member Discount

“CEDR HR Solutions is proud to sponsor AADOM and its tribe of office managers across the US! Our continuing education programs, helpful resources, and professional development opportunities support managers in their efforts to build workplaces that work for them. We offer HR for LifeⓇ – that’s HR for the life of your business, and to make your life better, both inside and outside the office. Our custom employee handbooks provide clear management strategies and legal protections to you, your dentists, and your practice, and the team of HR experts in our Solution Center provides training, guidance, and support on your terms, whenever you need it. We also offer timesaving HR software so you can focus on more important things than tedious management and payroll tasks. Long story short – we’re here to make managing easier!”

Paul Edwards, CEO

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“At RevenueWell, we pride ourselves on making your day as easy as possible. Working smarter, not harder isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s our mantra. We believe you deserve an easier day, every day. By automating your marketing, communications, and payment processes, we believe that we can help you connect with patients and communities. We’re so honored to be the preferred marketing and patient engagement platform of AADOM.”

Alex Nozdrin, RevenueWell Founder

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We do something very simple at CareCredit: we help people get the care they want for themselves and their families. And, for us, that’s very important. Together, with 200,000 health-focused provider and retail locations, we’re helping people access care.

“Since 2003, CareCredit has proudly sponsored AADOM. Its members are leaders in their practices, fulfilling many roles, including helping patients access the care they want and need. We share this desire – and in addition to providing a healthcare credit card to help more patients move forward with needed dentistry, CareCredit helps professional Office Managers connect with FREE practical resources on key practice issues and the best practices that will help them be successful.”

Kirk Sweigard, Sr. Business Development Manager, CareCredit

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Weave. The beautifully simple way to strengthen patient communication, streamline daily tasks, and grow your practice’s revenue.

“Weave is happy to be a sponsor of AADOM and its fantastic community of Dental Office Managers. We want to complete you. Not in a cheesy, one-line, slightly condescending way, but by combining your patient communication software with your phones into a single, smart platform that makes your job, like, ten times easier, because we know even small things you do over and over every day can be difficult. Oh yeah, and because we provide your phone service, we get rid of your phone bill. Tell us that doesn’t get your complete-me-meter going.”

Monroe McKay, Senior Business Development Manager, Weave

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“Launch Loyalty is proud to participate with AADOM to provide its members and dental office managers across the nation resources that make dental practices more efficient. Dental office managers are the key to creating a successful practice while AADOM provides the education and instills passion in successful office managers.”

Bruce Bernstein, Vice President, Launch Loyalty

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Roadside Dental Marketing makes it ridiculously simple (and affordable!) to get a new website that increases revenue and new patients. We provide dental management help by making your life easier!

“With roots in real dental practices, the team at Roadside has experienced firsthand how challenging it can be to market your practice while also managing it. As a result, we’ve created simple solutions to help you gain more new patients and increase revenue through your website, SEO, and online marketing. We’re honored to have been AADOM’s choice for their own website and it’s a privilege to provide education, tools, and resources to help AADOM members across the nation!”

Whitney Speir, Marketing Director, Roadside Dental Marketing

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Special Member Discount

“Office Managers are the heroes of a dental practice. We share the same vision with AADOM in providing resources, tools, and education to help every Office Manager shine. We want to make your life easier! We love AADOM because their members are the most impressive OMs out there. We are thrilled at the chance to work with you.”

Weston Lunsford, CEO, Dental Intelligence

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“Kleer’s cloud-based membership plan platform empowers practices to offer affordable, comprehensive dental care directly to patients – without interference of insurance middlemen. We’re proud to be your official dental membership plan – and thrilled to work with hundreds of AADOM members! Our solution helps office managers in their role of patient advocate, team leader and an integral part of boosting practice performance. Kleer makes membership plan management as simple as possible, so you can spend more time on customer service, office operations and patient care.”

Becky McLaughlin, VP, Marketing

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“AADOM is a fantastic organization which is supported by a fantastic community at its core. It resonates with our company ethos. When we first met at the AADOM conference, they were nothing but delightful. It has been a pleasure working with them so far and I look forward to seeing what our partnership holds for the future.”

Brittany Stewart, COO

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A dental manager sponsorship opportunity: Spread the AADOM message with our promotional materials. Can you imagine how grateful your customers will be when you share the gift of education with them? Empower dental leaders while shining the light on you!