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Frequently Asked Questions From AADOM Members

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  • I'm having trouble logging in. What should I do?

    Click on the “Reset My Password” link. An AADOM Membership Services Representative will send you updated password information.

  • A webcast or educational course is trying to charge me.
    • Find your event or educational course in either e-Campus or our Events area.
    • Click on the event or educational package.
    • Once in this event screen, go to the bottom and hit the “Register” button.
    • On the next screen, click the “Login” button at the top right of the screen.
    • Fill in your username and password (this is the same username and password you use to log into the AADOM website).
    • Your information will automatically populate.
    • Follow the prompts to complete the registration for the webcast or educational package at no charge to members.
  • I want to renew my membership. Where can I make a payment?

    You can pay by clicking HERE Opens in a new window to AADOM’S payment screen. This will show any pending invoices you may have for your membership. Just follow the prompts on the payment screen.

  • What is e-Campus and where can I find more information?

    AADOM’s e-Campus is the hub for all of our members (and non-members) educational resources. Visit e-Campus HERE to learn more about all of the educational resources at your disposal.

  • I need help finding my Member ID and looking up my CE credits.

    Your member ID is included with your New Member Welcome Kit and is also noted on the Membership Certificate you receive for not only new members but for everyone who renews. If you are unable to find your member certificate or welcome kit, just reach out to Membership Services at Once you have your member ID, looking up your CE credits is easy. Just visit the AADOM e-Campus and click on the “Submit your CE” link at the top of the page.

  • I am having trouble getting into the on-demand webcast library.

    The AADOM webcast library is a members benefit.

    If you’re a non-member, you can view our full webcast list and descriptions in our webcast library. To visit our library, just go to e-Campus and click on “Webcast Library.”

    Webcasts are sorted by category for easy navigation. If you are an AADOM member, to access a webcast recording, visit the Members Dashboard and log in with your username and password. Once logged in, just click on the webcast library link for a listing of all available recordings by category.

  • Can I transfer membership?

    In most cases, yes. Transferring your membership is an option, especially if the dental practice has paid for the membership. Please reach out to our Membership Services team at and they will contact you to discuss specifics.

More Information About Your Membership Benefits

Smiling woman who is wearing a blue and white blouse
AADOM Specialty Network
Learn More

AADOM’s Specialty Network

No dental practice is exactly like another. However, when you work in a specialty practice, you do have similar needs and challenges. Here’s a chance for you to find your tribe! AADOM’s Speciality Network (ASN) allows you to network with other specialty practices like your own.

Learn more about ASN and sign up today!

Learn More

Man typing on the computer with his fellow office managers
Dental Spouse Business Network
Learn More

Dental Spouse Business Network

Is your spouse the dentist in the practice? AADOM’s Dental Spouse Business Network is for you! This group of AADOM members connect to share ideas and address challenges specific to the delicate situation of being the dental spouse managing the practice!

Learn more about Dental Spouse Business Network and sign up today!

Learn More

Woman in black with red curly hair
Dental Family Business Network
Learn More

Dental Family Business Network

Do you work with a family member in the dental industry? You are not alone! Whether you are the daughter, brother, father or mother of the dentist, the AADOM Dental Family Network is a resource for you!

Learn More

Man smiling
e-Campus - Online Learning
Learn More


Whether you are a new dental management professional or a seasoned veteran we have the education for you! Take advantage of online tools that are accessible 24/7, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Whether you’re broadening your individual knowledge or training new team members AADOM’s e-Campus suite helps you take your team and your practice to the next level!

Find Your e-Campus Course

Two graduates of FAADOM
Designation Programs
Learn More

Dental Distinctions

AADOM is now offering three distinction programs where you can become THE superstar in the dental industry. Invest in yourself by becoming a Fellow, Master, and Diplomate of the American Association of Dental Office Management.

Learn more about AADOM’s designations and how you can become the best of the best!

Learn More

Betsy being recognized as Practice Administrator of the Year
Be Recognized
Learn More

Dental Manager Recognition

Not only does AADOM guide you to success, but we also recognize our members’ success. At every AADOM Conference, we show off your fellow office managers with multiple awards, including:

Learn More

A local AADOM chapter who are giving back to the community
Local Chapters
Learn More

Local AADOM Chapters

You tackle issues every day and it would be nice to consult with fellow office managers. However, it can be difficult to get advice from your peers from a national level – every practice and state is different. That’s where AADOM Chapters come in. A local chapter gives you that face-to-face connection with people who are going through the same issues as you.

Learn More

Practice administrators at the AADOM Conference
AADOM Events
Learn More

AADOM Events

From the AADOM Conference to Chapter Meetings, you can stay connected with fellow members at the latest AADOM event. You can look forward to:

Learn More

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Dental Office Healthcare Insurance
Attention AADOM Members:
You now have access to healthcare coverage!

We’re thrilled to announce AADOM has joined forces with MJM Global Insurance Brokerage Group to provide access to healthcare coverage options to all our current members, their families, and employees. What does this mean for you?

  • Reduce your healthcare costs
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You’re just steps away from acquiring affordable, quality healthcare coverage for you and your team.