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Never. Stop. Learning.

When I had been working as a dental assistant for approximately ten years, I thought I knew it all! I knew exactly what my doctors needed and when they needed it. During those ten years, I took advantage of learning from two amazing doctors. I listened to how they...

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Don’t Let Dental Emergencies Break Your Schedule

Emergency calls from your patients and potential patients can be frustrating for dental practices—but they don’t need to be! They can be a great practice builder and can pave the way for you to create “raving fans” of your practice and your team. Like anything else in...

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Customer Service Starts With The Team

I often find there is a misconception about service; a belief that service starts with the patients and doesn’t pertain to the team. In other words: We must provide exceptional treatment to our patients, but not so much to each other. It’s as if there is an entirely...

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7 Marketing Tips from an Office Manager

I am not a marketing guru. However, I have been in the dental industry for a long time and have tried a lot of marketing tools. I’ve learned a few things the easy way, and many more the hard way. If we’re learning from our mistakes, there is nothing wrong with trying...

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8 Important Ways to Build a Dynamic Team

Finding the right team for your practice can seem as complicated and challenging as resolving a quadratic equation. However, it doesn’t need to be that complicated! I have many times heard dentists say, “I went to dental school to learn how to be a dentist. A few...

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Bleh! Who Likes Accounting Anyway?

QuickBooks classes are typically full of attendees either wanting or being forced to take charge of their practice’s accounting. The back rows fill up first with those preparing for a quick escape. Some think the class will be boring because, in their minds, people...

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