AADOM Specialty Network

Education focused on YOUR specific needs.
Do You Manage a Specialty Practice?
No dental practice is exactly like another. However, when you work in a specialty practice you do have similar needs and challenges. Here’s a chance to find your specialty tribe!

There are nine networks currently available to AADOM members:

  • Pediatric Network
  • Orthodontic Network
  • Multi-Specialty Network
  • Periodontic Network
  • Oral Surgery Network
  • Endodontic Network
  • CEREC® Network
  • Multi-Location Network
  • Prosthodontic Network

Discover how we can support your specialty practice today!

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  • AADOM’s Specialty Network, (ASN) is a community of members in specialty practices utilizing their best resource, each other! Complete the form below to register to the ASN community!
How Can AADOM's Specialty Network Help?
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  • Choose from nine different specialty networks.
  • Learn from and share with peers dealing with the same challenges you face every day.
  • Enjoy easy access to your specialty network via closed, private Facebook groups.

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  • Focus on topics that affect your specialty practice.
  • Exclusive Specialty Network webcasts provide education specifically for your specialty.
  • Specialty-specific education provided at the AADOM annual conference.

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Grow Together

  • ASN provides an opportunity for specialty offices to share best practices focused around their specific operations.
  • Spread the word and grow your specialty network within your community. The strongest resource we provide is the knowledge of our members!

Meet Our Specialty Network Chairs

Each network is facilitated by one of our rockstar AADOM members!

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Courtney Roberts, FAADOM
Endodontic Network
Trish standing whilst wearing a grey suit and smiling
Trish Lewis-Clark, FAADOM
Multi-Specialty Network
Andrea smiling and wearing black while standing in front of a wooden background
Andrea Bowlin, FAADOM
Oral Surgery Network
Traciee smiling and wearing a turquoise shirt
Traciee Stafford, FAADOM
Pediatric Network
Close up of Lisa who is wearing glasses and smiling
Lisa Holling, FAADOM
Periodontic Network
Cindy with short hair and smiling in front of a colorful background
Cindy Galbreath, FAADOM
Orthodontic Network
Headshot of Tammy who is smiling in front of a dark background
Tammy Coleman, FAADOM
Prosthodontics Network
Joanne wearing a black top and smiling
Joanne Miles, FAADOM
Multi-Location Network
Headshot of Michael as he stands in front of a flowery patterned background
Michael Cruz, FAADOM
CEREC® Network
Join Our Tribe
The AADOM Specialty Network is just one of the many benefits open to you as an AADOM member.
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When you join our tribe at AADOM, you’ll enjoy a whole host of resources and are able to enroll in our courses for FREE. The membership is affordable and opens up a whole host of opportunities. Here is what you need to know before signing up:

  • Only $15 a month or $169 a year
  • Access to free education courses
  • Enjoy online educational modules
  • Watch live webcasts
  • Join our private members forum
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What Are You Waiting for?

Join an AADOM Specialty Network today!
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Begin specialty networking today!

Joining an AADOM Specialty Network is easy. Simply provide us with your information and choose a network(s) to join. The AADOM Membership Services Team will process your request within 24 hours.

Join your specialty tribe today and begin sharing with and learning from some of the best resources in the industry!