Sandy Touchton, MAADOM


Sandy Touchton, MAADOM graduated from college in 1981 with a degree in engineering drafting technology. She spent over a decade working in the aerospace industry and IT recruiting before smoothly transitioning into the completely unrelated field of dental practice management! However, her years of administration and systems management experience gave her an advantage in leading a team.

For almost two decades, she has worked as practice manager at Dentistry 4 Children and Bay Area Dental Specialists… This text opens a new tab to the official website….

Sandy achieved her AADOM Fellowship designation in 2019, and most recently, she was inducted as an AADOM Master in 2021.

She and her husband have two sons. In her free time, she enjoys triathlon (she’s also an Ironman!).

Office Policies: Are They Really Needed?
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Office Policies: Are They Really Needed?

Office policies. Do you really need them? Do they really help? And who are they really for, the executive team, the staff, the patients, or all three? When I started working at my dental practice, we had: Two dental hygienists Four dental assistants Four front desk...

How to Lighten Workload in 4 Steps
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How to Lighten Workload in 4 Steps

As managers, we tend to run from one item to another, “pillar to post,” as I like to say. Unhappy parents or patients where you’re trying to calm the seas, staff issues, computer problems… the list goes on. Sometimes I really do feel like my hair is on fire, running...