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The Baltimore/Annapolis, MD Chapter Learns to Collect More Doing Less

Submitted by Lora Graetzer, FAADOM, DISIPC, Baltimore/Annapolis, MD Chapter Vice President

On March 14th, the Baltimore/Annapolis, MD AADOM Chapter hosted Marci Perry, Associate Vice President of dentalXchange for a virtual course, “Dental Merchant Services: Collect More Doing Less”. We discussed ways to improve patient satisfaction with less payment burdens on staff. What a relief, right?!?

A current member of BAM is a user of their payment services and has been impressed with the amount of patient payments made after business hours. The availability for payments to be made 24/7 has reduced the amount of billing necessary.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! We are looking forward to seeing Marci again in Orlando at the National Conference!


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