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The Baltimore/Annapolis, MD Chapter President Talks Team Appreciation

Submitted by Danielle Dailey, FAADOM, Baltimore/Annapolis, MD Chapter President

The Baltimore/Annapolis, MD AADOM Chapter President Talks About Team Appreciation with The Blue Angels!

Every year in May, the breathtaking Navy Blue Angels take flight above Chesapeake Bay in Maryland for the most incredible air show you can imagine. It just so happens that May is the anniversary of our practice. Dr. Michael Billings purchased South River Dental Care in May 2011 and each year he treats our entire team to a day filled with unity, harmony, laughter, and overall appreciation. Our day starts bright and early at 7:45 am when we board a charter boat in the river just off the Chesapeake Bay and head out to begin the day with a little fishing for Maryland’s famous Rockfish! Not long after fishing, we make our way over to the Severn River just outside of the US Naval Academy where we enjoy the boat and wait for the extraordinary show to begin. It is at this time we watch in amazement the flawless performance that is before us.

Why is this day so special?? This is by far the most treasured day at our practice. We not only get to spend a day away from the office with one another, but it is the day we all feel most appreciated by our Doctor, our Boss, and the person that brought all of us along on his journey. It is our yearly reminder that if we are not working together as a team, we won’t be able to put on such a magnificent show for all our patients each day. A little appreciation can go a long way and it is the key to a successful team.

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