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Coffee Chat with the Boston, MA Chapter

Submitted by Lan Alexander, MAADOM, Boston, MA Chapter President

The Boston, MA AADOM Chapter has been partnering with the AMAZING Nancy Kagan from Rosen Summit Dental Advisors for our virtual COFFEE CHAT meetings!

In this casual meeting, attendees got to ask questions, share their own insights, and discuss the topic with Nancy leading the way as an industry expert! Nancy and her team speak on various dental topics chosen by our very own members. In our meeting on June 16th, 2023, Nancy and her team shared their insight and knowledge on the HOT topic of DENTAL INSURANCE! It was so popular that we ran out of time and will likely need a couple of follow-up coffee chats to delve deeper into this important and relevant topic. We ended the meeting with Boston’s famous “wheel of prizes” where attendees got a chance to be the winner of a prize.

Coffee chats are a great way for our members and dental colleagues to join in on conversations about dentistry from wherever they happen to be at the time since they are virtual. We love catching up, talking about dentistry, and of course, laughing and having a great time.

We are so grateful to have such local support from an amazing sponsor! Nancy has truly been a huge asset to our local chapter and an invaluable resource to our managers and attendees. And most importantly, we had a BLAST!

Are you ready to become the best dental office manager ever?


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