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Why hire a competent CPA firm? When it comes to business, your financial house has to be in good order. Believe me when I tell you that you are ahead of the game of life when you start with a reliable CPA (Certified Public Accountant). A CPA can work with you if you have potential and are willing to listen and follow their advice. A qualified accounting firm can guide you through the loan process and provide sound financial advice on what it takes to succeed and be considered a viable business entity.

For dentists looking at getting a loan for their practice, we looked at, “What Are Lending Institutions Looking For In A Health Care Provider in 2023?”

Let’s look at what we discovered. Most lending institutions are looking for three items from a financial candidate in health care. Documented consistent financial history and production reports that show what you have produced as a health care provider, and now in 2023, they want some funds to show you have some skin in the game. Having a reliable CPA helps you accomplish those things.

Who Can Assist In Selecting A CPA Firm?

Choosing the right CPA firm with which to work is key. This blog is for the dentist that has not yet opened their practice, the office manager assisting the dentist in gathering names of reliable CPAS, and even the dental health consultant who wants to build a stable of seasoned professionals. The dentist is a clinician with a scientific mind. But they may look to others to assist them with administrative duties in running and managing a dental practice. Maybe there is a spouse, mother, sister, father, or simply someone in the dentist’s inner circle that has the financial savvy and time to assist them in gathering helpful data.

Where Do Find A Dependable CPA?

Next, where do you start looking for an honest, reliable CPA that aligns with your vision and values of running and managing an ever-changing, profitable practice? I recommend starting locally because I like meeting business professionals in person. I still want the CPA to have a brick-and-mortar office because the occasion does arise when you are working with other business professionals, and they need to meet with your CPA in person. You can start by gathering a list from the internet. Next, I would look up each office individually on their website. Make sure they have a clean record. I would also contact my local bank and ask for personal recommendations. This can be especially helpful if you need to pursue financial loans and the bank already has a working relationship with the CPA.

Working Qualities To Look For In A CPA

You may want to consider working with a CPA that has a history of working with small businesses, especially dental practices. I personally like small offices because you tend to know the personnel that you are working with regularly. Lastly, I would narrow down to a few offices and take the time to call, make an appointment, and visit them in person. They may charge you a small fee because, let’s face it, time is money, but wouldn’t it be worth it? Tell them you want to meet in person to discuss what you are looking for and find out what their firm offers. Be honest and let them know you are looking for a firm to build a long-term business relationship with.

The CPA Will Interview You As Well

The CPA firm will inform you if they are taking on new clients. If so, they will probably welcome the opportunity to meet with you before considering taking you on as a client. Take this challenge on as a job interview and dress very professionally. If you are a dentist, you can wear scrubs as long as they are high-end, customized, clean, and pressed. If you have an office manager or spouse that pays all the bills, then it is okay to bring another person if they have regular contact with the firm. Anyone accompanying you should be dressed professionally as well.

Remember, this is simply a meet and greet, so respect the CPA’s time. Have a list of questions before you walk in the door, and think about what you are looking for from your CPA firm. Inquire about charges, and ask for a price list and a standard contract. Ask them how they process collecting information and what their time frame is. Some offices want your data monthly, and some like it annually. Some offices only want a view of your business bank account and collect most data that way.

Payment Arrangements

Also, inquire about payment arrangements. Prices can vary greatly. Follow up with an email thanking them for their time and tell them when you will get back to them regarding your decision.

Summation Of Selecting A CPA

Once you have met everyone in person and had time to go back and compare notes, you will know which CPA to choose. Even though the price is a factor, you need to consider if the CPA firm aligns with your values and will perform the best job for you as a client. We have personally used the same CPA firm for twenty years; they have always been accessible in answering questions, timely in producing documents, and very professional in representing our practice.

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Lilson Curl, MAADOM, has been a dental office manager since 2003. She and her dentist husband own Advanced Premier Dental and Implant Dentistry in The Woodlands, TX. Lilson earned her degree in Marketing from the University of Houston and her MBA in Finance from St. Thomas University. She holds nine financial security licenses and has worked as an auditor and risk manager. Lilson was inducted as an AADOM Fellow in 2013. She and her husband have been married for more than 35 years.

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