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Denver, CO Chapter Members Learn Delegation

Submitted by Nicole Hartshorn, DAADOM, Denver, CO Chapter President

On Thursday May 11, 2023, the Denver Colorado AADOM Chapter (Peak to Peak Study Club) learned about how everyone can do ANYTHING but not everything. Speaker and Profitability Coach Brenda McNulty met with the ladies and gentlemen of the Denver Area about ways to help lighten their workload. The team started the evening discussing the 2 least favorite parts of their jobs. Answers ranged from team drama, call outs, mediation, hiring, and firing.

Then they discussed their favorite parts of their jobs. Some answers given were working with the elderly, watching orthodontic progress, befriending special needs families, providing excellent patient care, and even working with some amazing doctors.

Two big topics of the evening were outsourcing and delegation. Both can be scary to climb aboard. Brenda was able to give many suggestions on how to make outsourcing work for your practice and how to evaluate your needs of the thing you could potentially outsource.

Delegation is often one of the hardest things office managers struggle with. Brenda was able to help the Denver CO AADOM Chapter start small and build up to successfully choosing the right team members to delegate to as well as how to train them successfully and bring excitement into these new tasks.

Thank you Brenda McNulty for your expert guidance!

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