AADOM Featured Company: Dental Protection Group

AADOM Featured Company is a 30-minute, interview-style presentation sharing the company’s mission, product/service, and best practices for office managers.

Video Description:

Build Wealth via Dental Warranties

How dental practices can build wealth in the most tax-friendly environments. By providing your patient with a limited warranty, you are providing multiple benefits to both the patient and the dental practice.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Providing a dental warranty can increase peace of mind for the patient
  • Providing a dental warranty can eliminate stressful conversations and negative reviews
  • Providing a dental warranty can increase treatment plan acceptance rates
  • Providing a dental warranty can increase patient retention
  • The dental warranty can build wealth for the dental practice

About Dental Protection Group

The Dental Protection Group (DPG) has created a multi-generational wealth opportunity for the dental industry. Founders Max Zanan and Adam Marburger have over five decades of experience providing wealth-building solutions to dozens of industries. The Dental Protection Group has identified an immediate need for a wealth-building solution in the world of dentistry, and we are excited to share the great news with dentists and DSOs all over America.

The Dental Protection Group has created a Limited Dental Warranty that is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Improve patient retention. The limited warranty allows the dental practice to set the follow up intervals to get the patient back in the chair. DPG gives the flexibility to the practice to choose between 3,6,9, and 12 month intervals.
  • Eliminate stressful conversations and negative online reviews. The limited warranty is good for five years from the date of the procedure. The warranty covers the cost of any work that needs to be completed up to the total dollar amount of the original procedure. This eliminates the need to charge the customer resulting in more positive reviews and less negative ones.
  • Peace of mind. The dental warranty provides enhanced peace of mind that the dentist is willing to back up their work.
  • Increase treatment plan acceptance rates. By providing a five-year dental warranty, you will increase treatment plan acceptance rates. In today’s economic environment, customers want to be protected and love the idea of having a warranty.
  • Stand out from the competition. By providing a five-year limited warranty, you will stand out from your competition. You can use this in your marketing online and on your website. The dental industry is ultra-competitive, and the dental warranty is a competitive edge.
  • Build generational wealth. DPG has mastered the art and science of wealth building in multiple industries. They found an opportunity in the world of dental and sharing the good news with practices all over the country. They show dental practices how they can participate in the underwriting profits attached to the limited warranty. DPG then helps the practice invest those profits in the marketplace in a tax-preferred environment.

Dental Protection Group is proud to bring this wealth-building solution to the dental industry. With new dentists having to tackle $300,000 in student loan debt and dentists still practicing in their 70s, they offer a more profitable way to do business.



Learn about the presenters:

Adam Marburger is a serial entrepreneur who lives his life in the following buckets: automotive, real estate, insurance, dental, and martial arts. He is the co-founder of Dental Protection Group, an insurance agency specializing in building wealth in the most tax-friendly environments. Adam and his partner Max have successfully implemented their wealth-building strategies in multiple industries. They found a huge opportunity in the world of dental.

Max Zanan is a seasoned reinsurance industry expert with over 20 years of experience in sales, compliance, and management consulting. His goal is to help car dealers and dental practices improve profitability while increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Zanan published five best-selling books on the topic of car dealership management. Zanan is a thought leader and disrupter; he is ready to introduce the dental industry to the battle-tested wealth-building strategies from automotive retail.