AADOM LIVEcast: Why Dental Teams Fail…to Hear “Yes” More Often

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Video Description:

As consumer preferences continue to change with the economy, discover the secrets of what patients want NOW that results in more case acceptance success. In this information-packed, results-oriented webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The magic word that will supercharge your case acceptance
  • What you are missing that patients are demanding
  • The myth that is derailing your case acceptance
  • The 3-step formula that will transform your case acceptance
  • What the doctor must say if you want to hear a “yes” from patients
  • What you are NOT saying that patients wish you would

Gather the entire team for an online learning experience that will transform the way you approach your patients for case acceptance success.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Describe consumer preferences in today’s market
  • Recognize specific verbal skills for better patient communication
  • Identify specific doctor and team member responsibilities for higher levels of case acceptance

Why Dental Teams Fail to Hear “Yes” More Often

With all the advances in dental science, materials, and consumer products to restore and maintain oral health and dazzling smiles, “Yes!” is pretty much the only logical response we should expect from patients:

  • “Yes!” to treatment and continuing care that’s easier on patients and more effective than ever
  • “Yes!” to proven, whole-body health benefits tied to oral health
  • “Yes!” to regular personal use of innovative dental products that the doctor and team recommend

So why is it that getting a “Yes” is as challenging as it ever was?

Two-word answer: Human Nature. There are people attached to the teeth and gums, and people must be understood and engaged on their unique terms.

The other humans in the mix, with their own problematic and all-too-human tendencies, are dentists and their teams. Unless they’re educated and coached on human dynamics and verbal skills, natural inclinations actually work against getting a “Yes!”

Here are just 3 of the many enemies to “Yes” success in dentistry:

1. Telling first instead of asking. Too often, patients are told what should be done, with little or no understanding of what each patient wants for their mouth and health. To be sure, patients rely on your knowledge and skill, but your expert, clinical reasons are not theirs. They come to you with their own wants, which the whole team needs to recognize and factor in before making any recommendations.

2. Approval Addiction. The fear of rejection on the part of the dentist and team can result in incomplete communication about oral problems that can and should be resolved now. The surface reason for not disclosing everything that’s going on, and what can be done about it, is fear of overwhelming and losing the patient. But it goes deeper. It’s a symptom of the fear of rejection, (Approval Addiction) or a self-defeating desire to be liked, even to your and others’ detriment.

3. Treatment Option Overload. Confusing patients with an array of treatment alternatives, often presented piecemeal. The right way – the only way – to go, is with a single plan of treatment, whole and complete based on the outcome the patient wants and the clinical expertise that you provide. This represents your best professional judgment about how to proceed, beginning to end, to restore and maintain oral health, which is also congruent with the patient’s personal wants.

All of the above are about what your team brings to the conversation. Note the word “conversation.” Talk at all stages has to be a true back-and-forth exchange, guided by your insight and skill. Getting from “Welcome to our practice!” to hearing “Yes” to a tailored treatment plan depends on it.

There is as much to learn about getting a “Yes” in dentistry as there is about clinical quality of care. It starts with the desire to genuinely help people get what they want combined with the commitment to learn, practice, and implement systems and verbal skills proven to get a “Yes” more often from your patients.

Consider the linked webinar a short course in some of the essential aspects of case acceptance. They’re engineered to take you and each patient to a more successful appointment conclusion where you hear “Yes” to treatment.

Steven J. Anderson is the founder of the Total Patient Service Institute (www.TotalPatientService.com) which specializes in helping dental teams hear “Yes” more often from their patients.

Learn about the presenter:

Steven J. Anderson has worked with professionals around the world to transform their practices, businesses, and their teams to “Top 10% Performance” status with innovative patient service systems that make it easier for patients to say “yes” to treatment. He has worked with some of the biggest names in dentistry to build their practices. His systems transform practices and the people in them.

Steven has been named “Dental Businessman of the Year” by Excellence in Dentistry. He is a founder of the Total Patient Service Institute (www.TotalPatientService.com), Crown Council (www.CrownCouncil.com), the Smiles for Life Foundation (www.SmilesForLife.org) that has raised nearly $50 million dollars for dental and children’s charitable projects around the world.

He is the author of numerous articles and books including: The Culture of Success – 10 Natural Laws for Creating the Place Where Everyone Wants to Work,

He is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs, authors, philanthropists, and presenters in dentistry.

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