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Northeast FL Chapter Members Take a Road Trip

Northeast FL AADOM Chapter

Submitted by Audrey Clements, DAADOM, Northeast FL Chapter Vice President

On Thursday evening, August 17, 2023, members from the Northeast FL AADOM Chapter attended a round table meeting hosted by the Central FL AADOM Chapter. We traveled to the beautiful city of Sanford, FL.

The topics for their roundtable discussions were Hiring and Training, New Patient Marketing/Internal Marketing, and Operation Flow. We broke out into small groups and discussed what works and what doesn’t work in our practices.

At the hiring and training table, we talked about the importance of finding the right person to join the team and to have a training program in place to help them succeed. At the table for marketing, we discussed waits to get new patients to the practice by asking for Google reviews, using care to her cards, and being involved in local events in the community. The last table was operation flow where we talked about the importance of a morning huddle to help with potential trouble areas in the schedule, timing your procedures so you know how long to schedule appointments, and the importance of working together as a team.

We enjoyed meeting everyone and being able to collaborate with other offices to learn how to improve our own practices.


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