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The PSC and The Contra Costa, CA Chapter Honor Dr. Alijanian

Contra Costa CA Chapter AADOM

Submitted by Jessica Rivera, Contra Costa, CA Chapter Treasurer

On June 1st the Contra Costa, CA AADOM Chapter had the pleasure of attending the Partnership Study Club (PSC) Doctors event. The Partnership Study Club was founded by Dr. Alijanian (President of PSC) in 2003. It began as a group of professionals from all dental disciplines dedicated to success through growth and knowledge. Since its inception, it has been able to maintain its high-quality education goals and standards without compromising the small group size, thus protecting the intimacy of our group discussions. The annual sessions meet once a month from September through the following May, including a fun family retreat. This study club is designed to create an effective and friendly educational environment that will improve our treatment planning and clinical skills with the goal of providing a higher level of care for our patients.

Dr. Alijanian has now been in practice for 22 years, he has also been the Director of the Spear Study Club since 2011 and is a Platinum sponsor of the Contra Costa AADOM Chapter. His dedication and drive for dental excellence are what led him down the path of opening the Centurion Dental Practice Center in Walnut Creek CA.

Dr. Alijanian wants the best for everyone and his passion to add to the growth and success in any way he can to his team, friends and colleagues is like no other. To our Chapter, Dr. Alijanian is the most passionate Oral Surgeon in the Bay Area, and he is someone who is selfless and always puts others before himself. He is a leader in our dental community and the camaraderie wouldn’t be the same without him.

Our Chapter President Elaina Wharton was honored to present Dr. Alijanian with a special recognition award on behalf of the PSC for “Making a difference” for his loyal dedication and unwavering commitment. We thanked Dr. Alijanian for his significant contributions towards the study club’s goals and his indispensable support of their mission. In addition to the award given, the group shared a video that was created for Dr. Alijanian from each one of the study club doctors sharing their stories and appreciation for Dr. Alijanian. This was a magical evening, and we were so thankful to be in attendance as Dr. Alijanian has been instrumental in us starting and growing our local Chapter.


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