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AADOM QuickCast: Ensuring Your Membership Plan Meets Patient Needs Across Generations

Ensuring Your Membership Plan Meets Patient Needs Across Generations

Membership plans are the perfect solution for uninsured patients who need access to affordable, comprehensive dental care. Personalizing care plans and promotions based on patient demographics will help drive adoption of your membership plan. One way to segment your patient base is by generation. This minicast will dive into the specifics of how to design and promote your membership plan to meet the needs of three groups: (1) parents of pediatric patients (2) millennials and (3) baby boomers. Each group has a unique set of needs and preferences and knowing how to cater to them will boost your membership plan’s performance.

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Identify patient needs and preferences around membership plans, based on generational demographics
  • Understand how to build plans specific to pediatric patients vs. standard adult plans
  • Learn ways to best cater to the preferences of your millennial and boomer patients—including methods for sign-up, payment plans and renewals
  • Take away tips and tricks for promoting your membership plan across generations

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