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Meet Our June Spotlighted Member

Learn more about Jennifer Steadman, BSDH, RDH, FAADOM, AADOM’s June 2018 Spotlighted Member

President – AADOM’s Boston, MA Chapter
AADOM Member Since 2014
Dentistry by Design, Stiles Family Dentistry, Great Meadows Dental Group & Cornerstone Dental Group
Andover, MA

Q:  What type of practice do you work in?
A:  I work in general group practices.

Q: What is your title?
A:  Director of Operations/Business Manager

Q:  How long have you been with this practice?
 9 years

Q:  What are some of the duties you are responsible for within your practice?
A:   I am responsible for overseeing the daily operations of four successful practices and leading a team of thirty dental professionals. As managers in dental field we all have many hats, some of my other responsibilities are Human Resources, IT, on-boarding new team members, arranging team development events, monitoring practice growth, running monthly team meetings and leadership meetings for our management team.

Q:  What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?
A:  The most rewarding aspect of my career is being involved in the growth and development of our team. It is wonderful to see a team member grow and succeed in their profession from their initial interview and hire, to where they are today. Continuing education is very important and our team has stepped up and taken numerous courses to better themselves and their skills for our patients and each other. I am fortunate to have a supportive mentor, my boss Dr. Nicholas Papapetros. We always push each other to learn new things and enjoy helping one another grow for the betterment of our team.

Q:  What do you see as some of the benefits of membership to AADOM?
The The benefits from an AADOM membership are countless. When I joined AADOM I was transitioning from clinical hygiene to managing two offices. The online forum is a wonderful tool that some members often forget about. You can post any question or concern you have and other members have the opportunity to respond with advice and guidance. You can also search from hundred of past topics if you are having a similar issue and live chat with members. Through the association’s courses, conference, and network of members I was able to assist in the growth and acquisition of other practices. I now manage four practices and will be expanding in the future.

Q:  What other services would you like to see AADOM provide for dental office managers?
One thing that I have noticed from other members is that they are looking for more ways to communicate directly with managers in their state. Employment laws and insurance related issues are different in every state and having support on two of the biggest challenges we can face would be helpful. Local Chapters are an amazing resource with multiple meetings a year, maybe having an area in the forum for members from each state to ask specific questions about their region would be helpful.

Q:  Have you ever attended an AADOM conference?

Q:  Can you tell us about your experience?
The first AADOM conference I attended was San Diego in 2014, I did not know anyone. I left the conference re energized with a new outlook on my career. Networking with other managers and talking about our experiences made me realize that I was not alone and had the support of amazing professionals in the field. I have had the pleasure of building friendships with some of the most positive and supportive people I have ever met. AADOM has helped me grow in my professional career and my personal life as well.

Q:  Are you planning to attend AADOM18?
I will be attending the conference this year because of my extremely supportive husband, Dominick. We are expecting our second daughter in May so I may have the youngest AADOM attendee with me this year! He knows how important the conference is to me and is helping to make it possible this year.

Q:  Are you a Fellow or are you pursuing Fellowship?
Yes I became a fellow in 2015

Q:  What practice management software do you use?

Q:  What company do you order the majority of your dental supplies from?
We order dental supplies from many different companies; the majority is from Patterson Dental and Henry Schein. The relationship that you have with your dental supply companies is most important. Over the years our sales representatives have become an extension of our team, John Pace from Patterson Dental and Tommy Maguire from Henry Schein. They allow us to focus on our patients and they take care of any supplies or maintenance that our practices need.

Q:  Do you or your practice support any charitable organizations?
Our practices support many charitable organizations and school charities in the communities we serve.

Q:  What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work?
Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, our two year old daughter Addison, our other little girl on the way, and our golden doodle Cooper. I also like cheering on the Bruins, Patriots, and Red Sox, and taking trips around New England.

2 comments on “Meet Our June Spotlighted Member”
  1. Avatar
    Gwen Waldron

    Jennifer, I really enjoyed your article and gaining insight on your career. I am very interested in developing detailed job descriptions for our office and was wondering if you can offer some insight or resources that may be helpful. I have been in the dental industry for 33 years and we have a change of ownership and I want to update the systems we have in place.

    Thank you for your time. I will be attending my first conference and am looking forward to hearing all of the speakers in San Antonio in July!

    Gwen Waldron
    Office Manager

    1. Avatar
      Jennifer Steadman

      Hello Gwen,
      I am sorry I am just seeing this now. I’d love to connect with you and chat about job descriptions and other systems you are looking to update. I am always willing to help other AADOM members! I reached out to Lisa Kelly to see if she can provide me contact information for you. Hoping to chat with you soon!

      Warm Regards,
      Jennifer Steadman

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