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Austin TX Celebrates the Holidays at the Dogwood Rock Rose

Austin TX Chapter

Submitted by Jennifer Randall, DAADOM, Austin TX Chapter President


The AADOM Austin, TX Chapter had its annual Christmas Party at the Dogwood Rock Rose in Austin, Texas, on December 2, 2021. We had a lovely outside patio all to ourselves to practice social distancing. We enjoyed multiple appetizers, delicious drinks and had a lot of laughs.

As you know, you cannot put two offices managers together without talking shop. We discussed hiring issues, new hire compensation, 401K’s and bonuses. We also had many patient stories relating to scheduling, their inability to take ownership of their dental plans, and of course, Covid-19. It’s been a tough two years, but AADOM and our local chapter have kept our members up to date on all the latest recommendations. We feel confident as we look ahead to 2022.




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