Kay Hickey

Kay Hickey is a product and efficiency consultant for Zirc Dental Products… This text opens a new tab to the Zirc website…, where she educates dental offices on clinical efficiency solutions.

She is a licensed dental assistant with over 25 years in a family and cosmetic dental practice.

She’s also a former dental assisting educator, published dental author, member of the Speaker Consultant Network, served on the Minnesota Dental Assisting Board, and is a former member of the American Dental Assisting Association.

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How Do Colors Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency?
AADOM News |4 min read

How Do Colors Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency?

As a dedicated dental office administrator, you’re always watching your bottom line to find ways to reduce overhead and increase revenue. Let’s face it, office administrators and managers are crucial to the success of the dental practice. When it comes to managing the...