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Contra Costa CA Attends Doctor/Team Event

Contra Costa CA Chapter AADOM

Submitted by Elaina Wharton, FAADOM, Contra Costa CA Chapter President


Our Contra Costa CA Chapter was lucky enough to represent AADOM and our local chapter at the Partnership Study Club Walnut Creek on October 1st. This was their first doctors and team event since the pandemic. There were 115 attendees which happened to be a mixture of doctors and their team members. This group was excited and engaged and warmly welcomed the chapter. The key note speaker was the wonderful Carrie Webber with Jameson Speaks! Some of our board members were lucky enough to meet and attend Carrie’s class at the annual AADOM conference a few years back. Carrie was very gracious and had nothing but great things to say about AADOM and kindly approved our Chapter booth for this event.

This was our Chapter’s first time hosting a booth and we were so excited! We brought our AADOM table runner, AADOM banner stating membership benefits, AADOM membership materials, chapter flyers, raffle wheel, chapter swag and provided a sign-up sheet for attendees who wanted more information. We even offered a special discount of $50 off the 2022 registration for signing up at the event! We had a blast and felt that this was a wonderful opportunity. Our chapter can’t wait to host another chapter booth at a local event.


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